Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Foggy Day

Up and away by 9 am this morning, very foggy as we hit the  main road.

First stop Sainsbury for sherry and I also picked up some frozen fish to last me till we go to Aldi at the end of the month. The traffic was horrendous, we took a short cut to Lidl. I walked down with DB he was going to get his hair cut I went into carphone warehouse. Pay as you go......no cheap and cheerful ones.......DB came to me whilst I was at the check out in Lidl.

We went on to Morrison for yogurt, then to Tesco to check the tyres and put fuel in. They had a new machine in for the air, 50p forget it, we used to spend 20p and still have time left. Car will go to the local garage, they will do it for us.

The fog had lifted as we drove home, but its still very cold. I put the central heating back on when we got in.

I will clean out the fire and re lay it for tomorrow.

DD1 phoned me, she had been in to see her Dad, they have him on antibiotics apparently the swelling on his leg has gone down but his big toe has apparently gone black. We are hoping to get to see him tomorrow when DB has his blood test appointment.

It will be a bit of a rushed day we have visitors coming at 2.30 for tea. I bought a box of posh biscuits, I just cannot be bothered to make shortbread. I find if we go out in a morning I am done in for the rest of the day. Actually fell asleep on the settee this afternoon.

I have an appointment at 4pm to get the result of my blood test and get yet more medication, I will rattle soon.

The fog cleared to be replaced by rain, its not a nice afternoon, very grey and wet.

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