Saturday, 31 December 2016

Farewell 2016

New Years Eve, 2016 has not been a good year for us health or did not start well with Nicholas's funeral and then DB going down with a hell of a cold, which he kindly then passed on to me.

Neither of us have enjoyed good health this year and I suspect 2017 will be no different. Watch this space.

The house has been cleaned up, DB managed to suck the power cable from my I Pad into the Dyson and get it stuck fast, burning the carpet in the process. It took me and D our neighbour almost an hour to get it out. One end of it is bent, but it still works ok.

My aims for 2017, I am going to build up a sum in a savings account against unforeseen occurrences. We have a joint account at the bank but savings are in an account in my name only. Need to sort a joint one so either can draw on it in an emergency.

Apart from that there are no other real aims, I am waiting for another MRI scan appointment to see the extent of the damage to my heart. I still cannot understand why they did not do the investigations when I had my pacemaker fitted. 

I know there will be dramas as far as DB is concerned, it is inevitable, I just hope there are not too many. after being dizzy free for quite a while he is now getting them again. We know they are connected to his heart, ears and eyes, he is on medication, just have to keep the fingers crossed.

This afternoon I will sit with my feet up and read. We have liver and bacon for supper with mash, cauliflower and calebrese.

DD2 rang me this morning, she had been to her dads yesterday, she said that despite DD1 and DGD cleaning up the place was just as bad again, I suggested they rename the house 'The Pig Sty' I thought she was going to have a fit laughing. Its so soul destroying for them, but I am keeping out of it. One thing Ex is not smoking, so may be thats one good thing to come out of it all.

We will not sit up tonight, will go to bed and read until the bells peel, wish each other a happy new year and put the light out. Thats if I can stay awake, DB did not settle last night it was 2 am when I put the light off so it was a later start today, not that it matters, we are retired, so nowt spoiling.


  1. I hope 2017 is much better to you than 2016. 2016 was not kind to us either or to many others we know. Take Care..

  2. You've done a lot and deserve a good rest on this New Year's Eve. Hope you and DB have some bubbly to enjoy and that he will agree to less whinging in the coming year. Wish!

    I look forward to more sewing in the coming year. My first project will be another over-the-chair-arm needlework caddy to make for a friend's February birthday. Quick, easy.

    May 2017 be kind to us all and may peace prevail on earth.


  3. Wishing you a better year in 2017! We won't be sitting up either. I figure it's midnight somewhere and I'll just go to bed when I get sleepy!

  4. I hope your 2017 is better than 2016. For the first time in years I'm looking forward to the new year with a house move and a wedding (possibly 2 weddings) on the cards and several other things to look forward to. But like you I'm hoping for better health for some family members. Enjoy your quiet night in, Love Helen xx

  5. I really hope your new year will be better than you are expecting it to be-x-

  6. I have a pacemaker fitted and have been told I cannot have an MRI scan. CAT scans are OK. Please check.

  7. Hilary, I know you cannot have an MRI scan with a pacemaker, but it can be switched off for the duration of the scan, which is what will happen to mine. The consultants at the hospital would not have ordered the MRI scan, if they did not know what they are doing.


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