Sunday, 11 December 2016

Another late morning

This seems to be a recurring was 9.30 when I woke.

Breakfast over we managed up and dressed by 11 am!!

DB did his jigsaw, I washed my hair, hung out a load of washing, re-laid the fire, time to sit down.

When I first went through into the kitchen I was aware that it was very cold although the rest of the house was warm. Then I remembered I had turned the rad down last night when I was cooking......hmmmmm

I cooked the piece of gammon I left soaking yesterday, once its cool I will slice enough meat off for supper tonight and tomorrow, then cut the rest up when its been in the fridge overnight, It will be a standby for supper or sandwiches.

DB had a problem last night voting on Strictly, apparently there was a clich, however once they had righted it there was no extra time added for the time it had been down. I gather there was a huge outcry on the net. I have to admit I thought Craig was unduly harsh last night, I don't know who had pulled his chain but someone had. I have a nasty feeling that the sympathy vote may put a really good dancer out tonight............. I will comment later once the programme is over. I really feel that a different way of voting needs to be found. I hope to heaven they do not give Craig, Lens job!!!

Quiet day really, I prepped the supper, cut up the gammon on the slicer, enough for 3 suppers and two lots of sandwiches, not bad for £3.00.

The washing sort of dried, I fetched it in earlier its now on the airer. Lit the fire when DB go up after his rest. Spent time reading on the settee.

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