Friday, 23 December 2016

2 days to go.....bring it on

DB brought me breakfast in bed this morning, so I was later getting up. A load of whites in the washer and hung out and the Friday clean done. I fetched the laundry in when the wind started to blow it out of the pegs, did not want my knickers landing in someone else's garden!!

I did a search on Google and found out how to set my phone back to the factory setting, had to have 2 shots at it, but I have done it, just need to start again and write down my pass words this time. I was not happy that chap in the EE shop said I would have to send the phone back to Samsung. One things for sure I will not be going to him again for anything.

DB had his rest, the wind started to get up and the little green house showed distinct signs of taking off, so I humped two full bags of compost into the greenhouse and wedged it on the bottom of the frame work, it seems to have done the trick. DB tells me the wind is due to die away later tonight. I hope so I have a load of laundry to do tomorrow morning, do not want to have to dry it in the dryer.

Everything is ready for Christmas Day. We will be at DD2's for 11 am and the great parcel opening, after lunch we are going to her sons for an hour or so before we set off home and spend the evening in front of the TV!!

No plans at all for tomorrow, just have a quiet day.

No news re Ex. no way is he going to move out of the house, so DD1 has said she will keep and eye on him, but he can live in s*** if he wants to, she will not do any more cleaning. He can well afford for someone to clean for him, so he has no excuse. If he is discharged from hospital he will go to DD1's for his lunch on Christmas Day.

Fish and wedges for supper tonight. DB has asked for mixed veg with it. Banana for him no dessert for me. We actually ate a bag of crisps each last night. we love the crisps in France, trouble was they were in big bags and we just could not leave them alone. If a bag was brought home I had to bury it deep in the provisions box otherwise the packet would be empty by the time we got home!!

We did not go carol singing last night, stayed in the warm. The float came round, the children were handing out sweets and we got a calender and a pen. We were the last stop on their route. They were going back to the chapel for a hot drink and mince pies.

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