Saturday, 31 December 2016

Farewell 2016

New Years Eve, 2016 has not been a good year for us health or did not start well with Nicholas's funeral and then DB going down with a hell of a cold, which he kindly then passed on to me.

Neither of us have enjoyed good health this year and I suspect 2017 will be no different. Watch this space.

The house has been cleaned up, DB managed to suck the power cable from my I Pad into the Dyson and get it stuck fast, burning the carpet in the process. It took me and D our neighbour almost an hour to get it out. One end of it is bent, but it still works ok.

My aims for 2017, I am going to build up a sum in a savings account against unforeseen occurrences. We have a joint account at the bank but savings are in an account in my name only. Need to sort a joint one so either can draw on it in an emergency.

Apart from that there are no other real aims, I am waiting for another MRI scan appointment to see the extent of the damage to my heart. I still cannot understand why they did not do the investigations when I had my pacemaker fitted. 

I know there will be dramas as far as DB is concerned, it is inevitable, I just hope there are not too many. after being dizzy free for quite a while he is now getting them again. We know they are connected to his heart, ears and eyes, he is on medication, just have to keep the fingers crossed.

This afternoon I will sit with my feet up and read. We have liver and bacon for supper with mash, cauliflower and calebrese.

DD2 rang me this morning, she had been to her dads yesterday, she said that despite DD1 and DGD cleaning up the place was just as bad again, I suggested they rename the house 'The Pig Sty' I thought she was going to have a fit laughing. Its so soul destroying for them, but I am keeping out of it. One thing Ex is not smoking, so may be thats one good thing to come out of it all.

We will not sit up tonight, will go to bed and read until the bells peel, wish each other a happy new year and put the light out. Thats if I can stay awake, DB did not settle last night it was 2 am when I put the light off so it was a later start today, not that it matters, we are retired, so nowt spoiling.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Very Grumpy!!

Another abortive day, went to the library, closed to next Tuesday, went to Stathern to see if the butchers was open, no! so came home having wasted both time and fuel.........The library is open on Tuesday, but OH has a hospital visit. The library van is coming Tuesday, we will not be here, I will have to go into Melton on Sunday and put the books through the door, or renew them till the next time he comes.........How come Christmas now runs into the New Year and everyone takes 2 weeks off work??? OH and I had 2 days at Christmas and 2 days for the New Year (in Scotland) The rest of the time the office was open so we were working. By doing this and working other Bank Holidays we were able to take 6 weeks holiday a year.

It is quite misty here and foggy out in the open countryside.

I have laundry on the line, but I doubt its drying, will bring it in and put it through the dryer. I have more to do tonight. I would usually change the bed as well, but just cannot face washing and ironing sheets and a duvet cover etc tomorrow. It will have to wait for Monday.

Sausage out for tonight. OH requested gammon for supper on Sunday so thats out defrosting too, will soak it tomorrow and cook it, then slice it on Sunday when its cold., it slices better then. Will have it with veggies and mustard sauce.

I need to tackle the sewing room, a lot of stuff has just got shoved in and left, so this afternoon, whilst DB has his siesta I will sort the room out. I need to gird my loins and finish the  baby quilt. I have decided not to go to the baby shower, it starts at 5 pm, I do not drive at night, so DD2 is going will give her the parcel.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

What a waste of time that was!!

We travelled in to the hospital. DB's appointment was 3.35 pm, it was 4.30 before he was seen and then not by the consultant!! It was his registrar who proceeded to go through his notes asking questions,  No apology for keeping us waiting an hour. I got annoyed, all the things she was asking were in the notes, no need for her to take them again. Eventually DB said this is a follow up appointment from Dr L. seeing me in August. I explained that his dizziness had been put down to vertigo for which he was taking medication. She then proceeded to examine him, all the procedures that they went through at the balance clinic last week. I pointed this out to her. 'Oh I did not realise he had been seen in the balance clinic'. He has exercises to do 3 times a day, also has an appointment to see the physio, We assumed that Dr L was going to sign him off again, it was just a follow up appointment!! She gave in and signed him off! What a waste of hers and our time let alone the cost of fuel and the cost to the health service......and we had to drive home in the dark which I hate.

It was a sunny but freezing morning, some of the frost has laid all day, the roads were ok though.

Freezer audit done and the menu plan for the next month, I just need to sort out the shopping list for next week. 

I bought a case for my new phone it arrived this morning, too small, so had to ring and get them to change it. I have to send the cover back with a note and they will send me a new one. I need to get a cert of posting in case it gets lost!

We were up early this morning so we had an early lunch and DB got his siesta before we went out. I have got hooked on doing jigsaws on the lap top....some of them are real pigs, have done one and half way through another one, will finish it later tonight.

No housework done this week, will clean through on Saturday so we start the New Year with a clean house, all laundry done ironed and put away and clean bed linen.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Jack Frost Called

My goodness we had a hard frost and despite the sun it is still very much in evidence, screens on cars are still frosted as is the grass at the back, looks like snow in places. It is a very cold clear morning.

We did manage to get up at a reasonable time, despite me still being awake at 5 am!! Will deffo need a nana nap today.

Chicken stock defrosting for lentil soup, I have both brown and red lentils so a mixture of both should be fine with some stock and tomato puree.

No plans for the day, I am trying to rest up as much as possible so tonights supper is bacon fritatta and a tomato and celery salad.

DB is coughing well again, there were several children at my grandsons, I relly hope he has not picked up another infection. I am planning on getting him some multivitamins, see if we can rev his immune system a bit.

Did any one see the Marigold hotel programme last night. That Miriam woman really got on my nerves........looks like she will go anywhere for a free holiday. Wayne Sleep made me laugh, he got all the old dears doing ballet exercises. He has still got it despite his age. The conclusion that Americans age better than us proves to be partially true, if you have cash, but then the same would apply in the UK too. I must admit round the year sun would be great, but I doubt I could face the summer in Florida.

 I did think that Rosemary Shrager looked better after her (filler) treatment but at $950 per syringe.....whew that a bit steep, but then she was staying in The Polo Club where you need to be a millionaire to get in!! I took a close look at my face and decided they would need poly filler!

No heat on at the moment, might light the fire after DB gets up from his siesta, we have no plans to go out.

I need to do a freezer audit and see just what I have got in the 3 freezers. I know the small one has mostly got fruit in, there are a couple of drawers in the large one that need a sort out, I found some salmon this morning I forgot I had, so will maybe have that with salad on friday instead of fish and wedges for a change. I cannot afford salmon every week, too expensive, but its good occasionally.

The forecast is not good for tomorrow, I really need to do a wash, it will have to go in the drier, I do not want anything hanging around on New Years Day. I know its daft but my Grandmother had a saying. 'wash on New Years Day, wash a life away!!'

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

And so it continues..............

the sun is out again, its a lovely but very cold day. We had a heavy frost last night, good job we were not going out today.

Once again we were very late waking up, 10 am before I got in the shower, still my diary tells me its an extra days holiday as Christmas Day fell on a Sunday, so I do not feel so bad.

I cleaned out and re set the fire, the heating is back on, will leave it on, want to see how much it costs if the heating is on all day.

We have beef stew for supper tonight, I large pack of meat done in the pressure cooker with carrots, leeks, celeriac, tomato, herbs and garlic. We will have some tonight and the rest will be frozen. I have also done the veg ready to cook later. I find if I do not prep everything either just before or straight after lunch I am too tired to do anything later.

We had cold meat, salad and jacket spud last night. I had brought a couple of creme brulee at Aldi, they slid down very nicely for dessert, they are small but so yummy!!!

The laundry almost dried on the line yesterday, I put it on the airer to finish off, folded and put away this morning. 

The decs are down and put away, I have also taken the Christmas Quilt off the bed and put our usual one back on. It is a shame it only comes out at Christmas but it really is not suitable for any other time of year. I could do with doing a bit more quilting on it too.

DB's appointment for his throat scan has come through its next wednesday......he managed to choke on his coffee this morning. I am just grateful we got through Christmas day without any back banging etc......

Right time to go and sort out a little light lunch, pork pate on toast and finish off the salad from last night, I think.

Monday, 26 December 2016

A bright but windy morning

It seems to be getting quite blustery out. We did not get out of bed until after 9.30 am, so a late start,both of us feeling shattered after yesterday.

Lunch was wonderful as usual, cooked by my Granddaughter, she likes cooking. We had a cup of tea before girding our loins and going to my Grandsons. He and his partner were entertaining the extended family, the noise level was such that he could not hear us ringing for the gate to be opened so we could drive in. We had a cup of tea and left DD2 and DGD there and came home.............the peace was wonderful.

Spent the evening slobbing in front of the TV, just a snack for supper, went to bed early and read for a bit. So that was our Christmas day. I suspect DB is feeling tired, he did not get his siesta yesterday. I plant to scrub the floor in the wet room and then take down the decs we did put up and put them away till next year. I have the bath towels in the washer, hope to get them a bit dry in the breeze.

No meals planned, we will be having something with salad tonight, I have some gammon ham in the freezer think it may well be that.

I hope you all had a good day yesterday. Good wishes for 2017.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

A Happy Christmas, health and happiness
in 2017.

To all of you who read my blog and comment. I do appreciate the comments.

For all of you I wish a very happy time with your families and friends and thank you for the support you have been over the past 12 months.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Eve

DB did not sleep well last night. We were reading and drinking tea at 1 am, so a late start this morning.

Washing is out, its very windy so hopefully some of it will dry, I also made 18 mince pies, we always have a mince pie and a glass of sherry on Christmas Eve whilst watching TV. I will get the laundry in later and fold whats dry, there are a couple of DB's shirts so I will iron them and leave them on a hanger to air.

Phone is now active and rather addictive, I have had to be strict with myself and put it off.

I will be spending most of the afternoon on the settee reading. We were late getting supper last night DB's son came over, he always seems to manage to come when I am about to start a meal, it was after 7 pm before we had our supper. Tonight its sausage and mash with baked beans, so quite easy. I expect DB will find something to watch on TV.

We do not have too early a start tomorrow we will leave here about 10.30 for DD2's.


Washing almost dried, its on the airer. DB's shirt has been ironed. so everything is up to date.

Friday, 23 December 2016

2 days to go.....bring it on

DB brought me breakfast in bed this morning, so I was later getting up. A load of whites in the washer and hung out and the Friday clean done. I fetched the laundry in when the wind started to blow it out of the pegs, did not want my knickers landing in someone else's garden!!

I did a search on Google and found out how to set my phone back to the factory setting, had to have 2 shots at it, but I have done it, just need to start again and write down my pass words this time. I was not happy that chap in the EE shop said I would have to send the phone back to Samsung. One things for sure I will not be going to him again for anything.

DB had his rest, the wind started to get up and the little green house showed distinct signs of taking off, so I humped two full bags of compost into the greenhouse and wedged it on the bottom of the frame work, it seems to have done the trick. DB tells me the wind is due to die away later tonight. I hope so I have a load of laundry to do tomorrow morning, do not want to have to dry it in the dryer.

Everything is ready for Christmas Day. We will be at DD2's for 11 am and the great parcel opening, after lunch we are going to her sons for an hour or so before we set off home and spend the evening in front of the TV!!

No plans at all for tomorrow, just have a quiet day.

No news re Ex. no way is he going to move out of the house, so DD1 has said she will keep and eye on him, but he can live in s*** if he wants to, she will not do any more cleaning. He can well afford for someone to clean for him, so he has no excuse. If he is discharged from hospital he will go to DD1's for his lunch on Christmas Day.

Fish and wedges for supper tonight. DB has asked for mixed veg with it. Banana for him no dessert for me. We actually ate a bag of crisps each last night. we love the crisps in France, trouble was they were in big bags and we just could not leave them alone. If a bag was brought home I had to bury it deep in the provisions box otherwise the packet would be empty by the time we got home!!

We did not go carol singing last night, stayed in the warm. The float came round, the children were handing out sweets and we got a calender and a pen. We were the last stop on their route. They were going back to the chapel for a hot drink and mince pies.

Thursday, 22 December 2016


A quick trip to melton this morning, DB needed a new battery in one watch and a new strap for the other. I nipped into Morrison to get Sunday fruit for our breakfast on Christmas Day.

As far as I know my ex is still in hospital, DD1 has said if they send him home she will have him there on Christmas day. She has tried talking to him but he is adamant he is staying in the house, so she has told him she is going to go up twice a week and make sure he is ok. D is very like his father, he too was a stubborn old fool.

We were going carol singing tonight but I am feeling very tired, so we have decided to stay at home in the warm. We will have to listen for them coming round.

I am at a loss with my new phone, I am not sure how I am going to get round the problem, apparently I have put a password in and need to use the same password to access the phone, I have tried all the passwords I know, cannot get in with any of them and I have to wait an hour between each try, its driving me and window are very close.

No more shopping to do, I need to have a swift clean p tomorrow and that's it. My grandson has asked us to nip in on our way home on Christmas Day to see his new house.,Its ages since I saw him. We will drop his Mum and sister off, they are going for tea, we will come home want to get back before its dark.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Wot a day this has been

We were off to the hospital for an 11am appointment, it was after 12 before we got to see the Dr. DB has been given exercises to do. We then went in to see my ex for a few minutes. I passes on my concerns to the nurses and asked them to speak to the occupational therapy ladies.

It was after 2 pm when we got home, so 4 slices of cheese on toast. We sat for a few minutes before going over to see our neighbours. They had a card from the Queen congratulating them on their 70th wedding anniversary. We had cake and a cup of tea, spent time talking to some of the other visitors. Our friend P came round with a parcel for us, I chatted to her for a short while and then went back to the party.

That is the sum total of our day, I will be doing a fry up for supper, special request by DB.

No ironing done, it will have to be done tomorrow.......

Tuesday, 20 December 2016


I did the laundry yesterday, the sun has shone brightly all day despite the forecast being for rain!!

Up and away just after 9 am. DB wanted a new axe, so we went to the hardware shop first, then to the library to get new books and on to Aldi.

It was packed out, very little space in the car park and heavily loaded trolley's coming out through the door. I did not stick to my shopping list found some things that DB wanted so they got put in the trolley. The main veg was 19p so I bought maris piper potato's, brussel sprouts and calabrese at @ 19p the veg is in the coal shed, it cold enough in there for it to keep ok. I still managed to spend almost £50 eekkkk. Mind you I did buy some wine and also nuts and things which we only have at Christmas. A carton of pate and a cheese board also found their way into the trolley. Mind you it will all get eaten. To my shame I also bought chocolate.

Back home bags unpacked and everything put away.

I am having problems with my new phone, it kept saying there was no sim card, but I knew the card was in, changed it round and then it said no service.......and it keeps saying no service, its driving me nuts I am going to have to go in the the EE shop in town and see if they can sort it. I have tried to register with EE cannot get onto the page to do it........aarrgghhhh.................I will try on the Ipad see if I do any better with that. May be I need to register first. Any one out there with a samsung J5???

DB has gone for his siesta, good job too he was not in a very good frame of mind this morning........

I really need to iron the bed linen from yesterday. If I do not do it today it will be waiting for the rest of the week and possibly next week too.

I have done belly pork casserole for tonights supper, spuds and calabrese with it. There is enough to freeze for another supper over the holiday.

DB has an appointment at the balance clinic in the morning, we will nip and see my ex as well. Apparently they got him out of bed yesterday, he is walking with a walker. DD1 spent most of yesterday at him house, she was going back today to finish it off, said she needed a spade to get through the muck, apparently the bathroom was horrendous. I really feel he should be in a place where he can have an eye kept on him and get regular meals, bread and jam is no substitute for a hot meal.

Monday, 19 December 2016


The start of another week. Bed changed, sheets etc washed and out on the line. Did not dry very well so I brought them in and put it in the dryer.

Soup and sandwiches for lunch, my niece came , very nice to see her it's quite a while since I saw her last.

Monday clean done, I have put the Christmas quilt on the bed for its annual outing.

I got DB to make an appointment with our GP re his's a good job I read the article, things could have been very different. He is off shortly. I am not going with him, he can just take control of his own life for once, I am fed up having to sort him out at detriment to me.

Ex is still in hospital, DD1 has gone to his house to try and clean it up for him, to my knowledge it's not been touched for almost 10 years. I do not envy her........

We are going to the library and Aldi tomorrow to get the bits we need for Christmas, I will be doing the usual monthly shop in a week or so's time. So we will be ready for the day bar the shouting.

Carol service was bit bit drawn out, we were treated to 2 sermons totalling almost an hour, we were not sorry when the service ended!! We came home to watch Midsummer Murders. Not sure if we are going carol singing on Thursday.

I need to get my act together and make mince pies for DB and also some shortbread. Might get it done on Thursday, will have to see.

Sunday, 18 December 2016


What a difference to yesterday, very dreich and grey this morning, some wisps of fog about as well.

We are going to the Carols by Candlelight at the little chapel tonight, we have been asked several time why we do not go to chapel, well actually its because we prefer not to.......but there you are. I am going to have to get lunch instead of supper.

No news about my ex, will contact my eldest daughter later and see if she has been in to see him again.

I still have no service on my new phone, if it does not switch on tomorrow I will be phoning them, the sim card is in correctly. You no longer get a hand book, its all on the internet and you have to down load all 200+ pages!!!!!!! 

Right time to prep the veg etc for lunch, may be back later.

Saturday, 17 December 2016


A nice day, sun shining and nowhere near as cold as it has been.

Up and laundry in the washer, I doubt it will dry much but at least it will smell fresh, I will either put it in the dryer or on the airer.

Spent the morning steam cleaning the kitchen, DB helped move the table etc out so the floor could get a really good clean. I also tackled the marks on the sitting room carpet, I blast with the steam nozzle and then a go over with a cloth, hey presto, marks gone.

We have a few decorations up, just enough, I put the angels on the window again, with the fairy lights on in the little houses the front window looks really nice from the street.

DB is having his siesta, supper is prepped, fritatta , salad and jacket spuds. We are having an early supper tomorrow, we are going to the carol service at the little chapel. We will both need a little lubricant, the vocal cords are suffering from lack of use in the singing department.

Friday, 16 December 2016


was spent in quiet contemplation of a life lost far too soon.

I had a lot of messages and for those I thank you, your thoughts for us, on what was a very sad day, were appreciated so much. Sorrow can be a very lonely place.

Virtually nothing, apart from meals, was done during the day, I read quite a bit, also spent some time on my own; just thinking. I find I am getting increasingly tired, so it was good to spend a day resting.

I have not heard how my ex is, my youngest daughter was going in to see him yesterday and also some of his bowling pals were going in. I spoke to one of them on Wednesday night.

Having said that my daughter phoned to say that he has had the blood vessels to his foot diverted round the blockage, so hopefully his foot will improve and they are hoping that the gangrene will go of its own accord. He has been pumped full of antibiotics. They say he will be in hospital for another 5 days at least. I am hoping they will keep him until they have managed to sort something out re meals etc for him. My daughter said the house was a tip.

Went and got my hair cut this morning, whilst I was out my new phone arrived, so now I have to contact everyone and give them the new number and also get theirs to put in the phone too.

A bright day, but no sun, its not so cold as it has been. The workmen have just about finished the two heating installations, so all the houses in the close now have gas central heating. Ours is off just now, may light the fire in a bit will see what DB says when he gets up from his siesta.

Fish and wedges tonight with coleslaw, might have banana.....after.

I have 3 of the blocks for the baby quilt done, I have to cut 3 more plain squares for the last block and then cut them apart again.......

I have had a message from my friend who lives in the south west of France. He husband was taken into hospital with what they thought was a DVT. his blood showed that he has leukaemia, he is having chemo just now. They seem to be sure of curing it. Apparently they are using a new treatment that is not available in the UK. It has been developed by scientists in France. It seems to be all doom and gloom just now.

Have the TV programme magazine for the holiday, looks like there are going to be a few good programmes on for a change. It will make a change from the endless wheeling out of The Sound of Music!!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

15th December 2016

Nicholas James Daniell.

1970 - 2015.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


We were off to the hospital this morning, it was a fine morning OH said it was 50f.

We had to wait quite a while to see the Dr, he has been signed off, does not need to go back, so thats good. We did manage to get in to see my ex, the gangrene is a small bit on the side of his big toe on his left foot, his foot is still red and swollen. He was going for angioplasty this afternoon. Its possible that he may loose that toe.

Our friends came for a cuppa this afternoon, the chocolate biscuits went down very well. We have agreed to go to the carol service on Sunday night. J spent a long time looking at photographs of various trips we have taken to France and the US.

I prepped the supper before we went out this morning, its on the stove cooking now. Sausage, mash, gravy and mixed veg. No pudding, we are eating fresh fruit after our meals.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow but will take the day as it comes. We have nothing planned either tomorrow or Friday.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Foggy Day

Up and away by 9 am this morning, very foggy as we hit the  main road.

First stop Sainsbury for sherry and I also picked up some frozen fish to last me till we go to Aldi at the end of the month. The traffic was horrendous, we took a short cut to Lidl. I walked down with DB he was going to get his hair cut I went into carphone warehouse. Pay as you cheap and cheerful ones.......DB came to me whilst I was at the check out in Lidl.

We went on to Morrison for yogurt, then to Tesco to check the tyres and put fuel in. They had a new machine in for the air, 50p forget it, we used to spend 20p and still have time left. Car will go to the local garage, they will do it for us.

The fog had lifted as we drove home, but its still very cold. I put the central heating back on when we got in.

I will clean out the fire and re lay it for tomorrow.

DD1 phoned me, she had been in to see her Dad, they have him on antibiotics apparently the swelling on his leg has gone down but his big toe has apparently gone black. We are hoping to get to see him tomorrow when DB has his blood test appointment.

It will be a bit of a rushed day we have visitors coming at 2.30 for tea. I bought a box of posh biscuits, I just cannot be bothered to make shortbread. I find if we go out in a morning I am done in for the rest of the day. Actually fell asleep on the settee this afternoon.

I have an appointment at 4pm to get the result of my blood test and get yet more medication, I will rattle soon.

The fog cleared to be replaced by rain, its not a nice afternoon, very grey and wet.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Fog? What Fog?? We Have Frost

Forecast was for fog first thing, we just had a frost, not very hard, the car windscreen had thawed out by the time I went to go out.

Appointment to have my mop cut at 9 am at 9.10 the hairdresser still had not arrived so I came home. I did phone later, she forgot, I have another appointment later in the week.

So, going through for breakfast the central heating chaps van was next door. Brrrrr......door open and its freezing, no thanks, we were lucky to get it done when we did.

Monday clean done and dusted, a pot of lentil and bacon soup on the stove made with the liquor from yesterdays gammon. It will be for lunch tomorrow, we have some beans to finish up for lunch today.

Supper tonight is cold gammon jacket spuds, tomato and celery salad with coleslaw.

We are both going through out library books, I have finished the ones from Bingham, now on the books from the mobile....

We have visitors for tea on Wednesday, I have some unsalted butter so I am going to make shortbread, might do some mince pies as well, will see how I feel tomorrow when we get back from the town. I need bits from Lidl and Morrison, A voucher from Sainsbugs will buy us a bottle of sherry. DB wants to get his hair cut and I need to put fuel in the car for  the OP visits for DB he has 3 this month.

No decs up yet, I feel a bit ambivalent about decorations, might feel better after Thursday has passed.

Might get a bit more sewing done, I would like to get the blocks done and together so I can see hoe much backing fabric I am going to need. Did wonder about putting fleece on the back and bagging it out, no wadding........hmmmm....

The End of an Era

Nicholas's house has been sold and the new family will be moving in, so his affairs are on the verge of being settled. It is the first anniversary of his death on Thursday, now his family can move on. We will never forget him, he was very precious to all of us, we will always miss him. I was drawing the curtain over the front door the other night and it suddenly occurred to me that it was one of the last jobs he did for us. He was concerned that there was a draught coming through the front door which would make the hall cold. As always he was concerned that we should be warm and comfortable.

Just had a message from my daughter, my ex has been admitted to hospital with gangrene in his foot. He has diabetes and has not been looking after himself. Wonderful. We are at the hospital on Wednesday so will call in and see him.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Another late morning

This seems to be a recurring was 9.30 when I woke.

Breakfast over we managed up and dressed by 11 am!!

DB did his jigsaw, I washed my hair, hung out a load of washing, re-laid the fire, time to sit down.

When I first went through into the kitchen I was aware that it was very cold although the rest of the house was warm. Then I remembered I had turned the rad down last night when I was cooking......hmmmmm

I cooked the piece of gammon I left soaking yesterday, once its cool I will slice enough meat off for supper tonight and tomorrow, then cut the rest up when its been in the fridge overnight, It will be a standby for supper or sandwiches.

DB had a problem last night voting on Strictly, apparently there was a clich, however once they had righted it there was no extra time added for the time it had been down. I gather there was a huge outcry on the net. I have to admit I thought Craig was unduly harsh last night, I don't know who had pulled his chain but someone had. I have a nasty feeling that the sympathy vote may put a really good dancer out tonight............. I will comment later once the programme is over. I really feel that a different way of voting needs to be found. I hope to heaven they do not give Craig, Lens job!!!

Quiet day really, I prepped the supper, cut up the gammon on the slicer, enough for 3 suppers and two lots of sandwiches, not bad for £3.00.

The washing sort of dried, I fetched it in earlier its now on the airer. Lit the fire when DB go up after his rest. Spent time reading on the settee.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Morning After the Day Before!!

My goodness, eating a large lunch makes you tired, we almost slept the clock round!!

Very little eaten for the rest of yesterday, DB had a slice of stollen, I had a couple of cream crackers with a cup of tea about 8.30 last night. It was 9.30 am before I woke and 11 am before my feet hit the floor.

Since then DB has washed the car and chopped wood to light the fire. I cleared out the grate and re laid the fire ready to light, dusted and shoved the dyson over the kitchen and sitting room floors. I managed to trap my finger in the drop leaf table as I opened it up, I now have a finger with a purple bruise on it.

I forgot to mention yesterday another little girl who made several people smile. She had obviously been told to smile when she sang. Smile she did with her her teeth clamped together, how she managed to sing at all beats me. I did so wish I had taken my camera with me.

DB is having his siesta, cheese bacon and onion pie for supper, DB has asked for beans so it could become quite windy here tonight!! Spuds are cooked I have to drain and mash them, stir in the cheese onions and bacon and stick it in a dish, will cook it later.

I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon on the settee reading.

Its the semi finals of Strictly tonight, I wonder who will do out, all the dancers that are left are very good. I have to admit a soft spot for Kevin and Louise, he is such a good choreographer, and she has really improved and developed under his tuition. We will see. Kevin has won it before I think but I cannot remember who his partner was.

Friday, 9 December 2016

First Christmas Lunch Day

DB set the alarm, looking out it was a very grey, lowering sky, so toast and coffee made It was back to bed for an hour. DB was a bit later than me getting up, I had time to wash up the dishes and also relay the sitting room fire.

A note for the front door, we are expecting medication to come sometime today, and sods law says it will arrive whist we are out. DB went over and asked our friends if they would take the packages in if we were still out.

A laid back morning, folded up the aired laundry from yesterday, cup of tea and finished reading my book.

DB spent an hour on his jig saw.........

I will update later today............

We got back to the house just after 3.30 having enjoyed a wonderful lunch. Turkey with all the trimmings, Christmas pudding, mince pies and chocolate mints. A cup of coffee. The children from the local school came to entertain us, as usual there was one child, a little boy, he was really enjoying himself, I have never seen a child open his mouth so wide when singing, he performed with gusto including hand actions. There was more than a little subdued  laughter.

I have to admit I do not think I will be eating anything else today.

Thursday, 8 December 2016


I woke with the alarm and got up. DB was still sleepy so I told him to stay where he was and I went off to the Drs. The waiting room was full but I was the first one for the phlebotomist, so was home just before 9am. DB still asleep so I prepped the breakfast and took his through to him. 

I had put the laundry on before I went out, it was raining so put half of it in the dryer, by the time it had finished the sun was out and the rain gone, so I put the rest of the laundry on the line, there was quite a breeze and most of the thinner things soon dried, they are on the airer.

After lunch DB went for his siesta, I continued making up the 9 patches, got them done and cut them up. I have cut the next lot that are going in, but need to have a quick look at the video to make sure I am doing it right. I will only just have enough of the background material. I am going to cut strips from the fat quarters and join them together to make the binding, it will be a bit random.

Supper prepped, sausage, mash, cabbage and carrots. We have decided to stop having a dessert except on Sunday......

DB is still coughing, I hope he does not cough tomorrow at the lunch!!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016


DB set the alarm so we were up at a reasonable time this morning. Its coffee morning.

We had rain overnight, but the ground is drying up and the temperature is up to 9c after several days of freezing weather. Heating is on, but has closed down, its quite a bit warmer outside today 9c rather than hovering around freezing. I need to clean out the fire and re lay it for this afternoon, did not light it until 4,30 yesterday and the one lot of coal lasted all night.

We had a visitor yesterday morning, a lady P, who goes to the coffee morning, she is on her own all day and I think she is lonely. Made coffee and had a chat. After she had gone we had lunch. DB reported to feeling a bit dizzy, so went to bed for his siesta. When he got up we wrapped all the parcels so that job is done.

Spent the rest of the afternoon reading. I like to watch 'Escape to the Country' it used to be on at 3 pm so we recorded it. this week they have started showing it at 3.40pm so we watch it instead. We have a lot of programmes on our recorder we really need to either watch or erase. We use a freestat box, its quite old and there have been several improved models come out. I am thinking of changing it sometime next year. The new models will record 2 programmes at the same time whilst you watch a third. We find that often there is a conflict of programmes, so this option would be really good. I bought the box when we moved to Haddington from the cottage. Our then landlord was miffed because I had the satellite box removed to take it with us. I had paid for the dish so no way was I leaving it behind.

Went to see the Dr tonight, I had my BP taken which was fine, I now have to go in the morning for a blood test, then the results next week, after that I can get the meds. I asked her about the MRI, she was in agreement that I had done the right thing canceling it until the new year particularly as DB has an appointment the next day at LRI. So I await a new appointment.

The temperature has gone up quite a bit since this morning, no nearly as cold as it has been.

I cut out the bits for the baby quilt, I have done 2 of the initial 9 patches, came out bang on 12 1/2". should get the other two done tomorrow.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Tuesday - foggy day

Another late morning, we are going to have to start setting the alarm, it was almost 9am again this morning.

Had just set the table up to wrap the presents when the bell rang. It was P from round the corner, she had forgotten she had an opticians appointment tomorrow. She came in for coffee and a chat. We arranged to pick her up at 12 10pm on Friday to go to the over 60's lunch.

It was late when P went so we had a quick cuppa soup and bread. OH went for his siesta.

The coal man came whilst we were having lunch, dropped 2 bags in the coal house for me so we have enough to see us through to at least the end of January.

It was fairly bright when we got up, so I put the laundry out on the line. I am going to have to go and fetch it in, it has turned quite foggy so the sheets etc will have damped down again, will put them in the dryer. Will finish the quilt cover and sheet off on the airer. I also washed the shower curtain. We have very hard water and the bottom was turning orange. I have to scrub the side and bottom floor of the shower to keep it clean. We have two curtains on the shower, really one is enough so the one I have washed will be put away to hang up when the second one needs washing

Cauli and broccoli gratin for supper, with a jacket spud and baked tomatoes. No dessert sorted as yet. might not need one.

After the parcels have been wrapped, I want to get on cutting the pieces for the baby quilt blocks. I am going to use my go cutter, I can put the pieces for the four blocks in a pile and sew them one after the other, then I will cut them and put the second pieces in to make the double disappearing nine patch. I need to source some backing fabric.

Coffee at the little chapel tomorrow morning will take some of the cards with me to give them out. The rest we will have to have a walk round the village to post them in door. Just two cards to be posted, one to SIL the other to stepson if he does not get over before Christmas.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Frosty Morning

I did not sleep too well last night so late waking. DB also slept in. When I drew back the curtains it was to a white world. A very heavy frost which has not really cleared all day.

Like the cows tail I am all behind today. Managed to change the bed, but the laundry will have to wait until tonight, wet room and toilet cleaned and mopped.

Re laid the fire, lit it after lunch, the heat is off until 4.30, but the sitting room rad will stay off whilst there is heat from the fire, the thermostat controls it,

I made another loaf overnight, sliced the one from yesterday, I have to open freeze the slices, will slice and freeze todays loaf tomorrow. I am trying to get a stock of stuff in so if I am not well there is stuff to hand. I have cancelled the scan, I need to speak to My GP first, apart from anything else, we have a pretty full month with appointments for DB. I need to be fit enough to go with him.

Mobile library this afternoon, I discovered two books in my drawer I had not read, so will put them back in and renew them.

Fritatta and salad tonight, need to sort out some sort of dessert.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

What A Glorious Day

When we opened the curtains the sun was shining fit to bust. There had been a frost so the grass sparkled in the sun.

We were up and away just after 9.30, early for us on a Sunday. A lot of traffic on the road, its the Victorian Fair in Melton this weekend, there was also a lot of traffic on the A46, quite a few large lorries too.

The fabric warehouse was fairly quiet, no problem parking, and it did not take me long to find what I wanted. I had a quick look round to see if they had buttons but could not fine enough of the ones I liked, so we were soon on our way home.

We stopped off to see if my eldest daughter was in, no luck although her car was there, guess SIL was playing golf.

Lunch over DB went for his siesta, I cleaned out and re lit the fire in the sitting room. The sun is still shining, but I guess it will soon start darkening up as evening approaches.

Pork for supper, roast spuds and celeriac, cauli, calebrese and carrots, banana split for OH just banana for me.

Fabric for the baby quilt, cream background, make a 9 patch and cut it two ways. Then add in another 9 patch  using the background with a different colour in the centre.

This is the colour for the second centre, a bit deeper yellow. I will photograph it as I make it. That way it is easier then it looks. I am going to use 4" finished squares rather than 4 1/2 finished square, it will make the finished block slightly smaller.

Saturday, 3 December 2016


I did not expect to sleep after last nights bombshell but I did, mind you my brain is going at 90 miles an hour this morning. I gave the letter to DB to read, not a word.......just 'well you had better go and see our GP' who of course is on holiday this coming week.........

Dull but there is a slight breeze, I have laundry out, hope it dries other wise it will be on the airer. Fire cleaned out and relaid. We are running out of kindling, DB chopped up some bits of old fence panel this morning.

After I re laid the fire gave the sitting room a flick with the duster. DB does not like the new Dyson, so muggins hoovered the kitchen, sitting room and hall before putting said machine back in its cupboard.

Liver and bacon tonight, I froze the liver in seperate bags this time, so I only have to prepare one lot as and when, rather than cook it all and then freeze what I don't want to use. Will do mashed spuds, cabbage and carrots with it. Banana for dessert.

I will be spending the rest of the day on the settee reading apart from giving DB a lesson in how I run the banking, I will need a rest after that. There are times when I really wish I had not taught hin to use the lap top.............yesterday being one of them and I suspect that today could be too.

My quilting friend gave me a sweet jug with some grape hyacinth bulbs and some compost, they were starting to shoot so I have filled the jug as per the instructions, the bulbs are planted and I have put it in a dark cupboard for a few weeks. Once they have flowered they will go in the garden. I did plant some in a pot outside last year.

Tomorrow I am going to the Fabric warehouse, despite saying I was not buying any more fabric, (heaven knows what DB will do with whats left when I shuffle off this mortal coil) I need some baby blue, cream and yellow for the baby quilt.

The presents we are giving are on my sewing table waiting to be wrapped up. Whilst DB has his siesta I am going to write the few cards we do send. Then there is nothing else I need to worry about. Just a small shop for fruit and veg before the day and thats it.

Finished up the split pea soup for lunch with some toast, I will need to make another pot tomorrow. I have some brown lentils, never used them before so will have to google a recipe.

DB says that both the onions and garlic are sprouting so thats next years supply, he had to water some of the celmatic, they were very dry and showing signs of dying back.

Friday, 2 December 2016


Out early, DB had an appointment at the dentist. I went into Lidl for the few bits I wanted from there. Sat in the car waiting for DB. When he came back he said the dentist had decided to take out the tooth, it split and broke, so the nerve has been taken out and the root filled. The dentist was afraid that if he went on to try and take the tooth out he might break DB's jaw........No thank you, I have enough trouble with him as it is without him having a broken jaw. A quick visit to Morrison for yogurt and we were off home.

Home we had soup for lunch and then set off for our visit to my quilting friend. I had a miniature orchid for her we came home with some pressies and some magazines.

It was so nice to see her again, her left knee is giving her some problems, she had her right knee replaced some years ago.......

After tea and cake DB went into the sitting room to read, we sat and put the world to rights.

We left in time to get get home before it was dark. Waiting for me was a letter from the hospital with the results of the appointment I had in November. No good to read. I have made an appointment to see the Dr to discuss the letter and also the MRI scan they are asking me to have. Although I feel OK my condition is really not good, so I am going to apply for attendance allowance. There are other things I need to think about now, and DB also needs to realise that I am not at all well. I know he will refuse to talk about things unless I force the issue.

Home it was fish and wedges, with mixed veg and bananas for dessert.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Its December

No frost this morning. I was late waking up, DB brought me my breakfast.

Its has been a day of sunshine and shadows, not as cold as it has been, but cold enough. Have only been out to the coal shed for coal.

DB had a filling come out of a tooth last night, so bang goes my savings target this month, I guess it will be coming out.

Sausage, mash, carrots and cabbage for supper, everything is prepped except the chocolate mousse which I will do shortly.

General sorting out, clearing up bits and pieces and putting the few presents we are giving on the table in the back bedroom to wrap up. We are going to see my quilting friend tomorrow afternoon, DB has a dental appointment in the morning, we will come home and have a bacon sarnie and then set off. We do not want to be too late coming back its dark soon after 4pm. Thankfully after 21st December the nights will start to draw out again, cannot wait.

I have sorted out a small table runner and two casserole mats for my niece along with a box of choccy biscuits for the family. I need to get in touch with her and make arrangements for her to either nip over or I will meet her in the town.

Our neighbour has just gone with her next door neighbour in the car, I hope they are not sending her husband home!! She is really not fit to look after him especially at night.

We are not sending any cards this year, I give a donation to a local charity instead, but we do give cards to one or two relatives and local friends, we do not have to post them, they can be pushed through doors or given to the recipients. I had a scrounge round and have found enough cards without having to buy any. I usually buy them in the sales after Christmas.

DB not coughing so much and although  I am a bit stuffed up, not really a cold. Will keep DB taking the medicine for a couple more days.