Thursday, 24 November 2016

Wonders will never cease

Its not raining and we have a bit of blue sky, need to keep my eye on the grey clouds though.

Well DB was back at the Drs this morning, he woke in the night informing me that he had a raging sore throat again!! thats what you get for sitting in the Drs for 3 hours. The Dr wanted a blood test, the problem with his thymus seems to be affecting his white blood cells. They tried for 20 minutes to get blood out of him. Gave up in the end, he has to go back next week when the phlebotomist is on.

I was late getting up, DB had decided to go to the Drs so got up at 8 am. I was still in dreamland so got my breakfast in bed.

Have done the ironing, hung out another load of washing, it seems to be drying ok. Cleaned out and re-laid the fire, set the table for lunch.

No plans for this afternoon except to fold and air the laundry when I fetch it in and read the magazines our neighbour gave me yesterday. I can pass them on to my quilting friend tomorrow.

Our next door neighbours daughter, who was taken to hospital on a spinal board yesterday, has damaged her spine, she is being transferred to the spinal unit in Sheffield for more detailed examination and possibly an operation. One of her other sisters has come to stay with their mother. They take it in turns to come for a few days at a time, but O is usually here from Friday to Tuesday.

DB has gone for his siesta, we are back on the gargling and paracetamol routine again, I just hope we manage to keep it off his chest this time. I am so fed up with the coughing.

Finished the table runner yesterday, I will be using it myself, I forgot to square it up before I put the binding on, big mistake!! Obviously was not thinking straight.

Will be lighting the fire when DB gets up, it stays in till we go to bed on just a couple of shovel fulls of coal. I can leave the airer in the sitting room tonight, the heat in the room will air the laundry off so it can be folded and put away in the morning. 

I found some cooked chicken in the freezer so its defrosting, have done a tomato, cucumber and red pepper salad, we have a bit of coleslaw left and I will do a couple of jacket spuds for supper. Banana for dessert.

To my American readers: I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving........

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