Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Wet Wednesday

Another night with coughing at 3am, very late waking up, but to be honest I am past caring.

We were supposed to be having dry weather today, what happened??? its hissing down with rain again, cold and miserable, does my mood affect the weather??? Thats just how I feel.

I finished sewing the binding on the table runner, not really happy with it, but I will use it. I have to finish hand sewing the binding down, will get at it later.

OH appears to be ok this morning thank heavens, so far no moaning. Going to see my quilting friend on Friday for a bit of relief. DB goes with me but takes a book and sits and reads either in the sitting room or the conservatory whilst we natter and put the world to rights.

He has his jigsaw on the kitchen table just now. I need to clear the fire out and re lay it.

The budget has gone out the window, I need to get hold of it after Christmas, money is disappearing like a rat down a drain pipe. I need to do a complete stock take and base my December menu and shopping on it. Christmas day will be a cheap one we are going to my daughters. I paid for the turkey with Sainsbury gift cards. OH gets them for doing surveys. I did buy a turkey breast thinking that she and her father were coming here, so that is something I can cook and get several suppers out of.

 I have already put the housekeeping up by £20. There is not much change from my purse going in the money tin either. One thing that does not help is the continuing visits to the hospitals in Leicester. Its a 60 mile round trip and we have parking to pay as well. It can range from £150 to £4.00 depending on how long we are there.  We have 3 appointments next month so I have to budget for petrol and parking.

A bit of excitement in the close, OH saw a Dr in the close this morning, at lunch time an ambulance turned up and went next door, it was there for over an hour and a half. B returned from town, so I went over to ask how P was, I had not seen B for a couple of days. B told me that it was our neighbours daughter who had fallen in the bedroom, she is not a small lady, Another ambulance turned up and  a spinal board was taken in; eventually the stretcher came out. How they managed to lift O up after they put the spinal board in place to get her onto the stretcher I will never know, she must weigh at least 20st. The ambulances were in the close for well over 2 hours. 

The weather has not improved over the day and its now starting to get dark. Have managed to almost finish the binding on the runner. Fire is lit, supper is in the over on automatic pilot. I have made dumpling to go with the beef stew. 

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