Monday, 14 November 2016

Wet Monday

I mistakenly thought the nights of coughing were over....wrong. 1.15 am half an hour coughing and sputtering and again around 4.00 am so it was a late start for us yet again. 11 am before DB got his rear out of the sheets. No cleaning for me today I am too crackered. How much longer this is going on for I really do not know, but I do know its very wearing.

No plans for the rest of the day. I am going to finish hand sewing the binding on that mat and then have a look at the other one and see what I can find for the centre and binding, it needs at least 60 inches cut on the bias.

I also need to sort a couple of things out and put pen to paper so to speak.

I will be carving the remains of the lamb up shortly, some for supper tonight with salad and a jacket spud each, no idea about dessert, I might make a bread and butter pudding, I have some bread in the freezer.

It was raining first thing but it seems to have stopped and its getting a bit lighter. DB has just been for a walk up the garden.

This afternoon I rescued this from the UFO pile, It was only when I was ironing it I realised there was a glaring mistake, can you see it???

I cannot undo the piece and turn it round the borders have already been quilted and there is no way I am undoing all those stitches. I might never get the thing to match up again, so this will be mine!! Grrrrr.............

Just before 2.30 and it is starting to get dark, the sky is very grey, will have to put the lights on soon.

I have found even more stuff that needs finishing and/or sorting out, I think I am going to be busy for quite a while, som of it I have no idea what to do with it, the blocks for the lesson plans I have put the sample blocks in with the instructions. I doubt I will use them again, but you never know.

Time to sort out salad etc for supper.......


  1. Well it's taken me all of 5 minutes of staring at it intently to see the error - finish it off Anne and enjoy it - we can all be critical of our own work - but honestly you have to look really hard to see it and your work is always so perfect and beautiful xxx

  2. I 2nd what trudie says.
    The best thing for stopping a cough is Vick on brown paper and place on the chest

  3. Hope you're not going to let yourself be bothered by the HST that's turned the wrong way. I've done this many times myself and the mystery is how I could have looked at the quilt block, quilt top, and finished quilt before seeing my mistake(s). What a puzzlement. Your fabrics and blocks are well chosen and done, so just enjoy this wall quilt or table topper.

    Sorry about the ongoing coughing bothers at night for DB that keep you awake, too. Hope some remedy will end this problem. Have you tried honey, lemon, and sugar mixed together?

    We have a wet Monday, too, and am about to have a late lunch.


  4. If you have more of the fabric, maybe you could applique the correct square over the top. I hope your hubby feels better soon.

  5. I have lost count of the times that I have stitched the last tiny bit of binding down, spread the finished piece out to admire and spotted a mistake. A block the wrong way round, 2 same coloured squares side by side even a part of a block with the wrong side of the fabric showing. Use it and love it.


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