Thursday, 17 November 2016


Autumn was late this year due to the mild weather, but now the grass and pavements are covered in fallen leaves of every different hue you can imagine. It can be a bit chancy walking after it has rained.

We do not have  any trees round us here so we do not have the chore of gathering the leaves up to make leaf mold for the garden. I am not going to go round the pavements sweeping up the leaves into a bag, we are not that desperate. That brings to mind a childhood memory. The Rag and Bone man used to come round on this cart drawn by a horse; if he stopped near our house and there was a little pile of dung after the horse moved on my grand mother was out there with a shovel and bucket to collect it up. It was placed on top of the previously collected dung and then the pile was used in the spring on the garden, especially the roses, a new pile was then started.

Its a sunny but cold morning, I have towels in the washer which will be going out shortly, the vrg is done for supper tonight, I need to put the bread maker on whilst we are out and put half the beef stew I cooked yesterday into a container in the freezer.

I peeled cooked and froze more apples yesterday, there are about 6 left so 3 will go in the bag to go to DD2's later this morning.

Its time for me to shut up and sort out the things that are going with us this morning, I need to put fuel in the car;DB tells me that it has gone down 3p a litre so I will fill the car up and fingers crossed it will keep us going until the middle of December.

I may be back later.

Some years ago I made ring pillows for weddings and also pillows for babies christening. My Grand daughter asked me about making one for her wedding, I had to do some searching to find these two.

This one was made for a friends daughter when she married, it was not a ring pillow but memory of her big day. Her mother told  me that the pillow was place on her pillow on the wedding night and went on Honeymoon with them.

This is the central motif.

This one was made for an internet friend, a year before the wedding he was diagnosed with cancer. He died nine months later on Valentines Day.

The bride wore a medieval style gown and the underskirt was this same pale lilac as the ring pillow.


  1. I remember also that my Grandmother did the same thing, I had forgotten it until you mentioned it. Dad used it for his roses.
    Best wishes to you, I do enjoy your blog.
    Pam in TX

  2. Three pence you could collect if you managed to get to the horse dung first. Any of the keen gardeners around would buy it from you, this was in the 50's mind. I wonder what would happen if the children of today were asked to collect horse dung, quite openly in the middle of the road. It would not happen due to the traffic but we collected jam jars and beer bottles to get the few pennies, then a few sweets and it had been a good day. Love Andie xxx

  3. Love the beautiful pillows you made for the weddings and I remember them but am happy to see the pillows again. Hope you can make a 3rd lovely pillow for your granddaughter's wedding.

    Our leaves are glorious in their variety of autumn colors but they've begun falling fast. The weekend is forecast to be windy and will bring chillier weather so there may be fewer leaves on the trees by next week.

    I went to the library and grocery today and managed to get home without the mushrooms that were definitely in my basket when I first got to the grocery. They're not here and not on the receipt so I wonder if someone at the grocery took them out of my basket when I was getting other groceries? I'll go back tomorrow to get more. Bother!

    Hope you and DB are sound asleep and will awaken refreshed and feeling good.


  4. I'm surprised there's been no post for today (Friday) so hope all is well there.

    Big hugs!


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