Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Hmm another bad night, was awake with DB coughing a limp rag again today. More cough sweets bought, but really they do not seem to do much good. At least I have not picked it up.....

It is a bright sunny day but there is quite a breeze, pity I had no laundry to dry!!

Off to the library at Bingham for more books. To get the key checked we had cut and to Boyes. 

I appear to have mislaid my mobile phone, I last had it on Friday when I phoned DB to tell him to put the kettle on. Not seen it since. I have had the car to bits, its not in there, nor in my coat pockets or handbag.......grrrrrrr.....I guess it will turn up when I am not looking for it.

I sat last night and hand stitched the binding down on the two pot holders, then discovered on one of them that I had sewn half of the 
hanging loop in when I put the binding on, so I have had to take it to bits......I have two corners to re sew and the loop to sew in then re sew down the binding. That will teach me to make sure the loops are out of the way when I sew the binding on.

DB is going for his siesta shortly, I may well join him...... bacon fritatta, salad and jacket spud for supper, no idea what to do for a sweet, maybe I will cry off, DB can have ice cream.

Might do a bit more sewing later.

We are out tomorrow, DB has to collect his insoles for his shoes from our local hospital, we are then going to DD2's for lunch and to take her the turkey and also some magazines, so DB will not get his siesta tomorrow. I need to prep the supper before we go out. Will not feel like sorting it out when we get back.


  1. What a bother about the recurring coughing at night that DB is experiencing. Is there any nighttime cold medicine that's over the counter (OTC) that might end the coughing overnight? Would an extra pillow under DB's head help?

    So sorry about the bother to unstitch the binding on the pot holder to get the hanging loop outside. I just packed a box of birthday gifts, taped it up to be mailed, and discovered the birthday card beside the taped up box. Grrrr to that, too, tho it was a quicker fix!

    Have you called your mobile phone number and listened for the ring tone? I've had to do that occasionally as had DH. Hope you find the phone soon. Did you look in the car boot or under the car seat? I once found my phone in the space between the driver's seat and the driver's door where it had fallen off of my lap.

    Wishing you sweet dreams tonight!


  2. Sorry to hear that DB was awake with coughing and resulted in a bad night for both of you. I realize that you use the second bedroom for sewing and a sort of catchall for what else needs a home but is there perhaps room for a single bed? It seems it would be really nice to be able to move when one of you is under the weather. Just a thought.

    Hope you find your mobile phone. Have you tried the old trick of calling it from either your land phone or another mobile?


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