Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Woke to news this morning that Trump is to be the next US president, neither candidate was brilliant, but I did think HC might get through, we are now landed with Toxic Trump.

Its a dull morning, we have had rain and it looks as though we will be getting some more. Manchester and further north they have had snow!!

No plans for the day will not be gardening, I might take myself into the sewing room, have a root through and see what else I can start to finish........I have several quilts to layer up, but have not got wide enough wadding. The roll I bought 4 years ago is now almost finished, not enough on it to join it together for one of the quilt. Will have to see about getting another roll. I guess DB will be wanting the kitchen table for his jigsaw.

I have a hospital appointment tomorrow, another pacemaker check and then an appointment with the cardiologist.......for the results of a test that was ordered in February and did not take place until September.

Morning was dull and wet, the sun did manage out for about 10 minutes after lunch but that was it.

I did a rootle through the UFO basket and found an Ohio STart block, I  must have made it ages ago, I have turned it into a cushio cover, the fabric on the back is not the same as the front, but until someone turns it round you would never know. I have also done some work on the Christmas dresden plate mat, I now need to cut out and stick on the backing and cut the binding. As it is round I need to cut strips on the bias to make sure they go round properly.

I lit the fire about an hour ago, the heating will come on in about half an hour, but I have turned the rads off in the sitting room and bedroom, will put them on later, no point warming somewhere we are not going to be.

DB had his sieata, he has done some of his jigsaw, but since he got up he has been reading.

Toad in the hole tonight, need to go and chop up some cabbage. will be using some tinned carrots and peas.

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