Tuesday, 8 November 2016


My goodness we were late waking this morning, it was just after 9 am.

Towels from the washer hung on the line, not that they dried, there was a bit of a breeze but not enough to dry them and a very grey day.

R came round with a large bag of apples for us. I will be back peeling and cooking a few each day. I did try to eat one, but they were a bit too tart even for me. 

DB went over to see our friends, P is now on oxygen 24 hours a day, he took some books across for him to read. P has been banned from driving so we are going to form a 'group' with P's next door neighbours, that one of us takes B shopping and the other sits with P till she gets back. Its the least we can do under the circumstances.

Its turned quite chilly, I fetched the towels in and finished them off in the dryer, have also ironed the sheets etc from yesterday.

DB has his bowls AGM tonight so we are having super early, mince, dough balls and veg. We will finish off the apple and gooseberry crumble for dessert. We finished the lentil soup at lunch time with some hm bread.

The forecast was for rain, we have not seen any yet, but it was very frosty overnight, there is snow forecast for some higher ground later...brrrrr......I need to start wearing my leggings under my trousers!!

No sewing done, trying to decide what to tackle next.

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