Sunday, 20 November 2016


A very grey day, the rain has stopped but the wind is blowing something else.....trees swaying like no ones business.

Had our usual Sunday morning brekkie, DB coughed again around 2 am woke me up, I went through to make a drink and when I got back he was asleep!! We were both awake before 8 am, so brekkie was early, did not rise from the pit until after 9 am.

I had a message last night, someone saw the images I sent to Bex for a ring pillow, they have asked me to make one for their wedding next year. I need to get to grips with the embroidery machine!!

I my horror I also found on my messages a message from a friend of Nicks, I should have got it last year. It was about something he was going to say at the reception after Nicks funeral. I was upset that I had not replied to him, I mailed him and apologised for not answering him. I did not want him to think that I did not care about his friends and workmates who were suffering just as we were.

Supper tonight, gammon ham with roasties, carrots, cauli, calebrese and onion sauce. I have part cooked the apples for an apple and blackberry crumble. I will need to make some custard to go with it.

One of the mats I bound yesterday has pulled away from the binding so I need to undo it and try and catch it in.....then I can finish sewing the binding down, another two UFO's finished.

Binding sewn down, this is two variations of the 3 dudes block.

DB retired to bed with a dizzy, I looked at the meducation he is taking, side effect dizziness, so he has not had a dizzy for 4 months, I guess the medication is at fault. I have told him not to take anymore, I will ring the surgery in the morning. He is still in bed, he says it keeps coming and going, so he can stay where he is for a while.

I have spent a good bit of the afternoon in the sewing room, have started to quilt the table runner with the piece of the block in the wrong place. Given it up for now, its getting dark and my eyes are tired.

Just made the crumble topping for the apple and backberry crumble will cook it a bit later.

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