Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sleet on Sunday

It was bright and sunny whilst we were having our breakfast, but 10 am the sun was hidden mostly by a haze. It Brrrrrrr and the wind chill did not help.

We went into town, in a way it was a fail visit. I could not get the buttons I wanted, the second choice will have to do. Then to Sainsbugs....another part fail, they had no Turkey crowns so I had to order one. We have to go back on Wednesday to pick it up. I had already decided not to go to DD2's she has a filthy cold, we would not appreciate it being past on. I told her to stay in bed, take paracetamol and plenty of drinks.

As we came out of Sainsbugs it started to sleet and carried on all the way home, it looks like it has turned to rain now. I lit the fire.....

Supper tonight is pork, I got apples and gooseberries out of the freezer to make a crumble, need to prep the veg, will do it after DB goes for his siesta. I think we will be sending most of the afternoon watching stuff we have recorded.

Just thinking about starting to cook the supper when the phone went. Stepson, on his way over, he brought his youngest son with him, so the photograph albums came out and a history lesson.

Supper over we are settling down to watch the Strictly results show, there is nothing much on afterwards so I guess we will be watching recorded programmes again.

Its still bitter out, nich and warm in here, quite cosy.

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  1. It's good you got most of your errands done and got home safely despite the sleet. Sorry the buttons you wanted were not there but I imagine your second choice buttons will look great.

    Today is sunny and warm but the forecast is for the high temperatures in the coming week to be in the mid-60s*F with lows near 30*F. Next weekend is forecast to be even colder.

    Isn't it nice to show the younger family members photos of those they know when those folks were so much younger?

    The idea came to me today to use the last extra star from Brian's star quilt as a gift for a friend who had an extremely painful surgery 3 days ago and who will have a long-term recovery period. It should be quick to make with no pieced borders.

    How did your playtime with your embroidery machine go?



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