Saturday, 26 November 2016


We are very late this morning, it was 9.30 before I opened my eyes so we have just finished breakfast. We will have a very light lunch.....we have an appointment this afternoon, the outline plans for our 3 villages is being exhibited in the little chapel round the corner, so we will go round and see what they might be thinking for our village. Not much I hope, the school is at capacity, the roads in the village are very narrow and we do not have the infrastructure for lots of traffic. Permission has already been granted for the field opposite the community garden, they are not going to be affordable houses either, so it will be more cars in the village along the very narrow roads.

Not such a nice morning as yesterday, very grey, have not been out so no idea how cold it is. I will light the sitting room fire later. I have not got to grips with the thermostatic valves on the rads. especially the one in the sitting room, no idea which number equates to the temperature. The engineer set them all on 4 The thermostat in the hall is set at 18.

Have just spoken to our neighbours daughter her sister has had an op on her back, 2 vertebrae had collapsed onto the disc, she has had an operation, expected to be in hospital for at least 10 days. Apparently its the second time it has happened.

Spent most of yesterday reading, after I cleaned the sitting room. I was going to tackle the kitchen this morning but have decided to do it tomorrow instead, might get my feet on the ground a bit earlier. It would  be nice to clear the work surfaces but no idea where the stuff would go if I do.

One of the programmes we record is escape to the country, it is a sure thing that when asked what they would like in a house they say a big open plan kitchen........some of those kitchen are enormous. I have come to the conclusion that decent sized kitchen are not a requisite for older people, I am sure they do not expect us to cook for our selves. Mind you if I did not have the microwave it would give me another work surface, however I use it all the time, its so quick. I could quite easily just do with a hot plate. I have a cooker with 2 ovens and a hob, both ovens are pristine, I have never used them. I use the kitchen table if I am baking, which is what my mother did when we were at the small holding. The Raeburn was the hob and oven, no work surfaces just a double drainer kitchen sink. Of course we had a pantry and a dresser for china etc. I think there were two wall cupboards. The kitchen was converted from a bedroom, the original kitchen became the bathroom when the bath etc went in. Mind you it was freezing in there in the winter, no heating.

right time to get on, apples to peel for a crumble tomorrow.

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