Saturday, 19 November 2016


Morning, sorry about not posting yesterday, I did not remember until after we went to bed. 

Yesterday was a wasted day. We set off for the hospital, DB's appointment was for 12.20, it was 12 50 before he was called. Appointment went:

Oculist.... you have double vision?

DB.... no!!

Oculist.... I have a letter saying you have double vision....

DB.... yes I did 3 months ago when I was admitted to the LRI. it lasted about 20 hours as did the dizzy attack I had.

Oculist......Oh..... well I will just have a quick look, it says here you had a stroke.....

DB yes in 2015......

Oculist it says here 2016.

DB ... No, the weakness in my left side was diagnosed as nerve damage from a fall I had in hospital in August.

At that point the oculist did a swift eye test, said your left eye has deteriorated you need a stronger lens in your glasses. See your optician, and we walked out. A complete waste of time and money.

So a 60 mile round trip, diesel, parking charges for something that could have been dealt with locally by our optician.

Home, drink of tea.....DB went for his siesta.............

We were both tired, DB is still waking at night coughing, last night it was just after 2 am. We did not get up early, but since I have been up I have hung out the washing I did in the washer overnight. Laid the fire, cleaned the sitting room and the kitchen and sorted lunch.

Its a very cold sunny day, there is quite a breeze so the laundry should dry more or less.

I am going to spend sometime this afternoon in the sewing room, I have 2 blocks which I have decided to make into casserole mats for the table, need to quilt and bind them, something else finished off.

I have a hankering to put together the Ohio star quilt, I made the blocks during the summer, I now need to cut out the plain blocks and put it together. I need 28 squares and then the side and corner triangles. I will lay it out on the sewing room floor and number the rows. 
If I could fix it up I would use the design wall, its finding some way to hang it that's the problem. To get enough room on the floor I will have to find somewhere else to put the iron and ironing board.

Tonights supper is fry up, done under the grill, I grill the bacon, use a really small amount of sunflower oil to fry the eggs and make 'fried bread' with the oil that left after the bacon has cooked.

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