Saturday, 5 November 2016


A sunny, clear but cold autumn morning with quite a breeze just a nip of frost in the air, I love it when its like this wrap up warm and go for a walk, kicking the fallen leaves as you go along, great.......

Its the village bonfire tonight, I hope it has dried out after the rain during the week. We will not be going, we can, if we feel like it, walk to the end of the lane and watch the fireworks for free, to watch them on the village hall car park costs £4 each.

I have a line of laundry out, its bed change on Monday so wanted to get the rest of the laundry out of the way, give me a clear field so to speak.

DB is outside putting another coat of preservative on the shed, its the side that faces the sun, I guess it might need doing each year. We have a yellow daisy type flower in the garden which is still flowering, I though the frost might kill it off, but its still going strong. A welcome splash of colour in an otherwise slightly dull herbaceous border just now.

The paper white bulbs have come out with 3 flower spikes, the scent is quite heady when you get close to them, so far the centre bulb has not put a bud up.

Pork out defrosting for supper tomorrow anve also done the pineapple and oranges for tomorrows breakfast, we will be off to Melton to Sainsbugs, Boyes and to DD2's have not seen her for about a month, she and DGD were away in London last weekend for  DGD's birthday.

Leek and potato soup for lunch, DB has also brought in a celariac, I will peel and grate a piece to put in the soup. I like to eat it raw in remoularde which is thin sticks of celariac in garlic mayo. I also like it cooked with potato and mashed with butter. I have in the past used it with grated spud made into flat patties and fried gently in butter.

I am thinking of playing with the embroidery machine this afternoon, I have found more of the freestanding lace  angel patterns on the internet. I do not have to download them onto a memory stick, the lap top can be connected to the machine and it stitches straight from the internet site.

 I used them on the sitting room window last year, stuck them on with double sided tape. I will have to go through the decorations box, not sure whats all in there, did not put a tree up last year, just had a few decs round. Did not really have the heart to do anything more.

Began to cloud over after lunch so I fetched the washing in, all dry, just put them over the radiator airers to air off when the heating comes on.

DB went for his siesta, is not doing more at his jigsaw, its starting to cool down so will be triggering the heating in a bit. Heavy night watching TV tonight. Pointless, Strictly, then a break when we will watch a programme we recorded and last Rebus, we will be a bit later going to bed tonight.

Have decided not to go to DD2's tomorrow she has a streaming cold, after what happened earlier this year I have no wish for DB to get it, so we will do the bit of shopping and come home, The Turkey will have to reside in our freezer for a couple of weeks.

I have a parcel to pack to post, hope to get it away on Monday.

Mac cheese, baked potato and tomato for supper, finish off the fruit in jelly for dessert.

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