Saturday, 12 November 2016

Saturday and its raining

A very bad night, DB was coughing for most of it, we finally got to sleep about 5am. I got up and made breakfast which we ate in bed. I finally managed out of bed just after 11 am.

Went to the chemist in Clawson and got more nasal decongestant and cough syrup, this is the second cold DB has had this year, I am going to have to keep supplies in. After going so long without the sign of a cold this is a new departure. I just hope I do not get it.

Several people have asked me if my heart disease is hereditary as far as I am aware it is not, but as my father died in 1943 before I was born, I know very little about his family, they are all dead now anyway. I do feel a bit cheated as I did try to do everything I could to remain healthy. Particularly as DB was so much older than me, he always assumed that I would outlive him. I still could but you just never know what is round the corner,

DB went for his siesta, I took him a cup of tea and the last slice of lemon drizzle cake, I guess he may have gone back to sleep. I did give him medication for his sinus's which I know can cause drowsiness. Sleeping is not usually a problem for him anyway.

The rain appears to have stopped, its now starting to get dark. No fire today, I turned the bedroom and bathroom rads off just leaving the sitting room, hall and kitchen ones on, so the rooms we are in are warm.

Nothing done today except prep the supper, spag bol and garlic bread. Banana for dessert.

Heres hoping for a better nights sleep tonight...............

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