Thursday, 10 November 2016

Oh My Goodness

At the hospital this morning, pacemaker clinic running half an hour behind time......brilliant......eventually got seen and have to go back in 6 months.

Then to the cardiac clinic which was running an hour behind time!! Echo showed I have coronary heart failure........not the just right side but the left as well. How can this happen when I have been taking statins for over 20 years??? You tell me. The Dr kept asking me if I have ever had a heart attack, well I think I would know if I had......

I have to have an MRI scan of my heart, there is talk of changing my present pacemaker for one with a defibrillator built in and I have to go onto several more drugs. So my visit was not a good one. We eat a good diet, the right amount of fruit and veg etc, but obviously that has not helped me. 

We were going to go shopping, but I was so shell shocked I decided we should come home and have some lunch. We have to go into Melton tomorrow to collect the turkey, so we will go to  Lidl for the groceries.

It was very frosty overnight, but it had cleared by the time we left for the hospital, on the way home it was very black over the north of the county and as we dropped down into the valley there was a double rainbow and it was hitting a farmhouse, the front of it was amazing to see.

Heating on, had not cleaned out the fire, so it will have to wait for tomorrow now. looks like my cleaning routine will have to alter a bit, and so will the grass cutting. I am wondering if I might be able to get attendance allowance, I know they want to abolish it, will have to see what the Dr says. I will have to go and get the medication when the letter comes through from the hospital. So far apart from getting breathless walking, it has not affected me too much, but that can change very rapidly.

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