Monday, 7 November 2016


Bright but chilly this morning, there is a cold wind.

Laundry done, out on the line, it should dry ok. I will iron it tomorrow.

Monday clean done, mopped the tiles on the bathroom walls and just polished them.

DB was out in the garden for a while, he has cut some of the branches off the fir tree in our neighbours garden, he was given permission to cut the branches that over hang our garden. He also walked down to the post office with a parcel for me whilst I re-laid the sitting room fire and mopped over the kitchen floor.

A pot of leek and lentil soup on the hob, I had carrot left from last night, so chopped that up and also the remains of a can of tomatoes. Just what the Dr ordered on a cold day. Enough for tomorrow too.

Library van this afternoon, I have just finished reading the last book, we will need to go to Bingham next week to take those books back.

Lit the fire after lunch, it was cold, P was at the library van, asked her to come round for a cup of tea, had to do a quick run home and put scones on. Spent a pleasant hour talking about anything and nothing. OH was in the kitchen working on his jigsaw.

Eggs, wedges and beans for supper tonight, apple and gooseberry crumble for dessert, there will be enough for tomorrow night as well.

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