Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Mizzly Tuesday

We were not supposed to get rain, but it has mizzled for most of the day, very dark grey clouds, Yuk.......

Typical, I had a load of washing in the washer, mostly thick cotton vests which take a bit of drying. gave then about half an hour in the dryer and finished them off on the airer, will put it in the sitting room when we go to bed tonight.

DB spent the morning on his jigsaw, I did not get up too early, made a pot of beef and bean soup for tonights supper, DB asked for potato rather than dumpling.

No way was I going out to plant up bulbs outside, so they will have to wait until tomorrow, we also need to get one pot of geraniums into the greenhouse wrapped in fleece, a frost is forecast for tomorrow night. I have 2 trays on geraniums on the sitting room window cill. The orchids do not like the central heating so I have moved them into my sewing room.

I noticed last night that the paper whites have a flower coming up. My quilting friend said she would try to get me some more bulbs next time she goes to the nursery.

Front and back of the shabby chic cushion cover. I need to get some purple buttons. might put it up for sale, I have got  at least 7 or 8. Like the zipper bags I got a bit hooked up on them. I have a couple of kits with the fabric and instructions somewhere too. A blue and pink one I think.

The owl pencil case for my niece, she can get all her kit it. I have some little fabric Christmas trees I made last year, will be putting one of those inside with some new felt tip pens.

It did clear late this afternoon and I got the bulbs planted in the pots and also the big pot of geraniums wrapped and into the greenhouse. Felt a bit iffy this morning, but it seems the have cleared. Not dome a lot, just taking it easy.

DB spent all morning on his jigsaw, he was out in the garden with me for a  while. The workmen have been to fill in the holes in the pavement and road, so all is back to normal in the street, wonder when the plumbers will arrive??

Tomorrow is the coffee morning at the little chapel, so we will potter round for coffee and a chat.

It has not really been cold today in the house, the heat has just come on for the evening.

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