Monday, 28 November 2016

I need matchsticks

Another night of coughing, DB had to go to the surgery for a blood test so I sent him to the chemist for some cough stuff that several people recommended. Fingers crossed it only makes him sleepy, not dizzy!!

A bright but very cold morning, heating is on, I have done the Monday clean out of the way.

Shopping on Thursday and also a visit to the library at Bingham for books, the mobile library comes a week today, so we will need enough books to see us over the Christmas period.

I started sneezing during the night, my nose is now running, not sure if its my allergy kicking in, will have to leave it a couple of days and see how it goes. Wonder if I picked up something when I was at the exhibition on Saturday....time will tell.

Might do some sewing this afternoon, will have to see whats left in the small UFO box. I was watching a video on Craftsy yesterday, a double disappearing nine patch, the block finished 20" sq. 4 would make a nice baby quilt. Trouble is I have no blue baby fabric!! its made from 5" squares in the first instance. Delivery date has changed for my next Grandson 3rd of March, so I will need to get cracking. Might go on line and see what I can find, half yards would do it plus a yard of background. It would not need to be heavily quilted. I fancy blue lemon and cream.

Cold chicken, jacket spuds and salad for supper tonight, have to sort out a dessert, think there might be enough mixed fruit left to do fruit in jelly.

Well my nose ran all morning. DB went for his siesta and I settled down for a snooze on the settee, woke up, sniffles gone, did sneeze three times again, but apart from a sore nose from having to wipe it so much thats it, strange, This has happened before. DB is up and apart from a couple of wee coughs has not coughed since he took the first dose of medicine. He is due another dose about 4.30. and then more when we go to bed, maybe we will get a better night tonight, heaven knows I need it.

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