Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Frosty morning

DB looked out the curtains as we were going to bed last night and announced, in a very satisfied voice, that it was freezing. Its gone up to 2 this morning and the sun is shining, but its still cold. I guess there will be frantic scraping of windscreens this morning.

Its Wednesday so a visit to the little chapel for coffee and a natter, catch up with the village gossip

We were up early for a change so DB spent some time on his jigsaw. After a quick whiz round I went into the sewing room to sort out my next UFO. Its the only room thats not go the radiator on, it was a bit chilly in there.

I had asked my ex and my youngest daughter to have lunch here on Christmas day. GD phoned last night, would we like to change the plan and go there.....well I had bought a small turkey crown, will use a Sainsbugs gift card to buy a larger one. GD is not going to her boyfriends for Christmas day, it would have been a bit of a squash here so we are going there, she is cooking. So I have a small turkey crown to cook for later. It will do us a couple of main meals and plenty in the freezer. I may keep some back to take on holiday with us, save me cooking meat one night. I wrap the meat in foil and put it in the top of the steamer when I am cooking the veg.

There was a full house at the chapel this morning, we even had two walkers who were passing drop in for tea/coffee and a chat. Several of our friends were there, so a report on activities. J & R were back briefly, their daughter was married in Suffolk last week, they are off tomorrow down to Kent for 10 days.

It was a lovely bright, clear morning, but nippy round the ears, I was glad I had my hat on and gloves to keep my hands warm.

After lunch I started on the UFO's I have sorted out various bits to finish. just now I am working on a table runner I made in 2012, I had started to put the binding on and for some reason put it away. It now has the binding on and I am hand sewing it down. The next things are two dresden plate table mats I made, one in Christmas fabric the other in spring like fabrics, they need their centres sewing on and also backing and quilting.

DB has spent the afternoon, since he had his siesta on his jigsaw. Its 4.15 pm and getting dark, I will have to put the light on.

Last night was one of my famous, do not sleep till 4 am nights, I am tired, but fighting not having a nap so I sleep tonight.

B the pastor at the chapel is coming round to see what can be done with the airing cupboard, shelf wise and also what we can do with the doors........

Frittata for supper tonight with some salad, no idea whats for dessert.

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