Friday, 25 November 2016


A lovely sunny clear day, cold, the breeze is making it feel colder than it really is.

Cancelled my trip to see mt quilting friend. DB still has a sore throat, do not want to pass anything on to her, that would be awful. So sat at home.

Did manage to dust and push the dyson over the sitting room floor, was crackered when I had finished.

Have just cooked the salmon for supper and a tray of chocolate brownies. Neither of us like the salmon hot, so I cook and cool it. We are having potatoes cooked in their skins and mixed veg with it, I have some hollandaise sauce as well.

DB is having his siesta, I feel quite tired myself, might manage to drop off for a Nana nap a bit later. DB did not cough last night but did get up for the loo, so of course I was awake.

My neighbour and her two daughters have gone up to Sheffield to see O, The news over the phone has been very little, they will not tell you much so I expect it was the 'comfortable' message they have been getting.

No plans for the weekend.........No sewing done either, need to sort out the next UFO to tackle.

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