Friday, 11 November 2016


I am still reeling after yesterdays revelation, having taken the medication and watched my diet for 20 years it was quite a shock. DB has said very little which is typical. It will take a while to come to terms with the diagnosis myself.

I thought we were in for a sleepless night last night, DB came to bed stinking of vick, he coughed and spluttered for a while and then dropped off. He was awake at 3am so I made him take more paracetamol and cough stuff and he slept till the alarm went off. I have a feeling this may have be a result of his visit to the bowls club on Tuesday for the AGM.

He decided not to come with me this morning, so I had to brave the shops on my own. I did get someone to put the bags in the car for me at Lidl and DB carried them in when I got home.

He went for his siesta after lunch, I had lit the fire in the sitting room, so am on the settee.

I have no idea what is going to happen next, the fact that they do not seem to be unusually bothered makes me wonder just how bad it is. One thing I do know; after what happened when I had this pacemaker in I am rather concerned that it does not happen again and that they do not give me morphine.

I have had several things buzzing around in my head for a while, now seems the time to sort everything out so there is no confusion later.

No cleaning done, I will dust and hoover the sitting room tomorrow, I might be able to talk DB into pushing the Dyson round. I am so thankful we are in this bungalow and not having to lug the heavy dyson up the stairs.

Fish, celariac and potato mash, sweetcorn and peas for supper. Banana for dessert.


  1. Bless your heart and other parts, sweet friend. It's not easy to adapt to unexpected medical news but I believe you'll be okay for a very long time to come.

    I, too, am glad you're in the bungalow with its two bedrooms and lovely garden space. As you said, best of all, no flight of steps, especially to the loo!

    Hope you have a note with your ID in your wallet to say you cannot take morphine. Who cares if it was an unpleasant side effect or allergy? You don't want it to happen again. I know you'll be assertive as we old nurses are!! :)

    This morning is very chilly and sunny with autumn colors abounding outside. I've been doing humble straight line machine quilting on the yellow star and am about to sew on the first border. It's flip-and-sew, so it will be quilted and reading to be trimmed and bound once the borders are on.

    Peace be with you.


  2. Hugs Anne

    Its probably not down to anything you have and have not done. A lot of the issues I have come down to wonky genes which you cannot really do a lot about at the moment. My brother has the nasty medical condition that my mum had Primary biliary Cirrhosis - I have gone the other way with auto immune disease and more arthritic problems. Please allow yourself to steady and try not to fret - easier said than done but please take one day at a time. Each day will be different some good some not so good but at least you have been given an outline of what the underlying problem is so to some degree you can deal with this and take possession of it. You can still make a difference. Thank goodness for bungalows. Please take care and please take it steady. Love to you both. Pattypan xx

  3. So sorry for this. Take care and take it easy-you'll be in my prayers.


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