Friday, 4 November 2016


It had rained overnight, but the sun came out, a slight breeze, wish I had laundry to hang out, it would dry.

Friday clean done, DB walked down the the gossip centre of the village to get the TV Choice whilst I was re-laying the fire and cleaning the sitting room. Kitchen floor is ok, so just a quick flip with the Dyson after I had cleaned the work tops, oven, etc.

Not sure what I am going to do this afternoon, I might do another couple of zipper bags, I have been asked to make two for a Christmas present for someone. 

The close is quiet today the workmen have finished, so they now await the arrival of the gas meters and the installation of the heating. I hope they do not have to wait too long. the storage heaters have to be switched off 24 hours before the installers come.

No plans for the weekend either, might nip to Sainsbugs for a bigger turkey crown, I have a £10 gift card, we could well carry on to DD2's have not seen her for about a month. The turkey can then go into her freezer rather than mine. I need to buy some mincemeat for mince pies, used up my stock last year. If I do not use it all I keep it from one year to the next, just put a drop of brandy in and give it a good mix up.

B came round to have a look at the airing cupboard to see what was needed, he is going to have a word with the chap who works with him, they will use the  slats of wood that came out to make the new shelves.

I have been doing a bit of fiscal forecasting, I keep details of our income and outgoings on a spread sheet, I also have an on line programme that I can use to forecast spending during the year. Fingers crossed we will have a bit of cash for extra savings after the middle of next year. That's good news. We both have life insurance policies but I want to put extra cash away, funeral expenses go up and up and I doubt there will be enough in the two policies, if there is well the cash can go to the kids. The rest of it we will spend, maybe an extra holiday, a trip to London, we will have to see.

Heating has gone back on. I turned the bedroom thermostat down, will turn it back up later when I go in to draw the curtains. It is beginning to turn cold now the sun has gone.

Started another zipper bag......same fabrics as the shabby chic cushion cover. Just need to cut the lining before I start to assemble it.

Fish, wedges and peas for supper, fruit in jelly for dessert, we had it with ice cream last night, there will be enough for tomorrows supper too.

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