Thursday, 3 November 2016

Double Brrrrrr

My goodness Its cold out, the thermometer is showing 7c but the wind makes it feel much colder. DB has been out and finished putting preservative on the side of the shed that faces the prevailing wind. The house is warm although the heating switched off. I need to re -lay the fire I lit it yesterday afternoon and turned the radiator down. We only light it occasionally. I need to get the chimney swept.

I have a lemon drizzle cake in the oven and have also done a mixed berry jelly for dessert tonight. Think I will do sausage, mash and beans for supper. Tomorrow will be fish, wedges and peas.

Photograph is the table runner I finished yesterday. I made it 4 years ago, but was struggling putting the binding on round the points, however yesterday I cracked it, so finished binding it and hand sewed the binding down. One down about 40 to go, not really it just seems like it. I have a huge container full of various things, I know there are at least 2 lap quilt tops in there, possibly finish.

I really like this, would make another one, but I no longer have the pattern. I think it was in the Christmas edition of Quiltmaker in 2012. I will put a round robin out and see if anyone has the pattern still. You never know.

I made this when I was teaching Kaye and Shelia to quilt, I had thought about giving the pattern to Shelia to make as a project, but decided that it was 'too stretchy;' I disposed of a large number of quilting magazines when we moved two houses ago, just did not have enough shelf space for them, obviously that pattern was among them. I should have taken a copy before I got rid of it.

The local news sheet has come through the door, there is a meeting this month about the neighbourhood plan, we are invited to give our views on the draft for development in the village and surrounding areas. I can guess already what is going to be said. The village is not suitable for large scale development the roads, school and transport are all issues. This is a view I will be supporting. The roads in the village are so narrow only one vehicle can go up or down. The buses cannot access the village at all, they can only run on the main road.

Turned into a very dreich afternoon, sky was very grey and it was cold. I lit the fire when DB got up after his siesta.

Sausage etc for supper just needs heating through, have the spuds to cook.

No sewing, spending the afternoon reading.

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