Sunday, 27 November 2016

Cough, cough.........cough,cough cough...........

Looks like this is going to be my life from now on............3am last night before I managed to get to sleep. I have tried everything I can to stop DB's damn cough, I resorted to lemon juice and honey in a glass of hot water. The Drs are no help because he is allergic to a majority of the antibiotics............

DB was late getting up, I wanted to deep clean the kitchen and try and get marks out of the sitting room carpet. DB will insist on carrying tea etc through without a tray. Job done, also washed the towels, they are on the line, hope they dry a bit. DB managed to knock a full mug of tea over into his chair.........yesterday so had to wash the chair cover.

I have been having a bit of a battle with Tesco, I had a credit card with them for over 20 years, used it for shopping etc at one time but recently have only used it for fuel. I went on line to check my balance and it asked me to click to ring me to ascertain I was who I said I was. I have lost my mobile, not replaced it yet, and the telephone number was wrong. Phoned up, to cut a long story short they sent me a number to use when I logged in, tried to log in, information was not accepted, so DB rang, he is the account holder, went through a load of things which he kept having to ask me about, he has nothing to do with the finances, eventually they agreed to speak to me. Apparently as DB is the account holder his details should have been put in, they would have to send me another security number, 7 - 10 days before I could expect to receive it. Afraid I lost it, gave the phone to DB and told him to cancel the card. The card is empty I paid it off last week, so a ceremonial cutting up of a credit card yesterday afternoon. I have a card with our bank, but have not used it, will have to ask them for a number as I cannot remember the one they gave me.......hey ho.....I now need to check with experian to make sure they have taken the card off my credit report.

It quite a cold day, I turned the heating down and left it on this morning, background heat is fine whilst we are moving about.

I need to prep the supper, pork, roast spuds and celeriac, cabbage and carrots, I think there is also some cauli and calebrese that need using up too. Banana with toffee sauce for dessert.

Its awful black over Bills Mothers, hope its not going to rain, do not want to have to dash out and retrieve the towels, they are so heavy when they are wet.

DB has gone for his siesta, chocolate brownie for his afternoon tea.

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