Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Sniff, sniff,,,,,

My nose stopped running last night, I applied vick again on my chest, fumes made my eyes run!! Paracetamol along with my normal nightly medication, this morning a bit stuffed up  but thats all.

We went off to Bingham, library, bank and Boots for more cough medicine for DB. Then on to Aldi. I did managed to spend a bit more than I intended, but I have enough left (I hope) to see us through to the end of December. We are out for lunch next Friday, so it will just be a sandwich for supper. Christmas day we are out too, should come home with a doggie bag though.

I got DB more cough stuff from Boots, I nearly died it was 75p dearer than the chemist in the next village, will not be getting any more from Boots thats for sure.

DB went over to see how our neighbour is, not good news, his wife is very worried about him. The hospital have told her they think he has the beginnings of Alzheimer's or dementia, I think it is a bit strange at 91. They have told his wife that if he comes home it will only be if there is a full care package in place for him. She is in her late 80's and has heart disease amongst other things, she is not able to care for him herself, it will just be too much. I will go over and see her myself tomorrow.

It has been a nice but very cold day, we had quite a heavy frost last night again, The road was ok this morning, but its a bus route so has to be treated if the weather is bad.

Spag bol tonight. I have made yellow split pea soup for tomorrow's lunch, we finished off yesterdays soup at lunchtime.

Today is St Andrews Day its the first time for many years we have not had Haggis, Neeps and Tatties for supper. I have not found any haggis locally. I will have to see if I can source some for Burns Night in January.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Sniff, sniff, sneeze, sniff sniff

Wonderful, not...... yesterday the snivelling seemed to have gone, wrong, by last night I was sitting with a tissue shoved up my nose to stop the drips!! Very elegant.

I went to bed dosed up with vick on my chest, 2 paracetamol and honey, lemon and whisky toddy. Thankfully the cough stuff seems to have reduced the cough, cough from DB so we both slept ALL NIGHT!! wonders will never cease. It was almost 9am before I woke, even then I doubt if I would have woken had it not been for the fact that I needed the loo.

The drip, drip coughing from DB apart from the occasional clearing of the throat.......

Chiropodist has been so we are fit for another month or two, she comes about every 10 weeks. costs me but at least we both have comfortable feet.

One of DB's favourite suppers tonight gammon, egg, tomato and if he is lucky fried bread. I made a jelly with fruit in yesterday so that will do us for a couple of desserts. Tomorrow is spag bol, so need to cook the mince today.

We have decided to go to Bingham tomorrow, we are both out of reading matter.......I need to do the shopping list. I can go to the bank and draw cash. I am going to split it in half, half for tomorrow the rest for a shop the week before Christmas to get fruit and veg and anything special we want. We are still fairly well stocked with meat in the freezer. I have a couple of parcels of lamb we can have either with roast spuds or salad and I have the small turkey crown which will do several meals either hot or cold.

Its a bright morning, but we did have a very hard frost, its all white, if I did not know better I would think we had a slight fall of snow. One the car has defrosted we will go out and put the cover on the windscreen, then at least we will not have to defrost that in the morning. It will be a slow journey to Bingham there are quite a few twists and turns on the road.

The house is nice and warm, I tripped the heating to be on all day, almost forgot to switch it back last night, it was only when I was about to doze off I remembered. The fire will be lit after lunch so I can burn all the snotty tissues.

I have been fighting the urge to go to the fabric guild in Leicester, I think I am going to have to go. I want baby fabrics to make a quilt for the new baby. There is to be a baby shower.....something else we seem to have imported from the US, in January and I would like to have it finished by then. Trouble buying on the Internet is getting fabrics that coordinate. I want to use blue and yellow for the blocks and a figured cream for the background. The base is a 9 patch made from 5" squares which you them cut apart, add in strips and squares, the block finishes up 20" square, so 4 make a decent baby quilt or play mat.

I have been doing some research on savings accounts, none of them seem to pay a decent rate of interest unless you are prepared to lock a lump sum up for 1 -2 years, further research is needed. It will keep me out of mischief whilst my cold progresses.

Monday, 28 November 2016

I need matchsticks

Another night of coughing, DB had to go to the surgery for a blood test so I sent him to the chemist for some cough stuff that several people recommended. Fingers crossed it only makes him sleepy, not dizzy!!

A bright but very cold morning, heating is on, I have done the Monday clean out of the way.

Shopping on Thursday and also a visit to the library at Bingham for books, the mobile library comes a week today, so we will need enough books to see us over the Christmas period.

I started sneezing during the night, my nose is now running, not sure if its my allergy kicking in, will have to leave it a couple of days and see how it goes. Wonder if I picked up something when I was at the exhibition on Saturday....time will tell.

Might do some sewing this afternoon, will have to see whats left in the small UFO box. I was watching a video on Craftsy yesterday, a double disappearing nine patch, the block finished 20" sq. 4 would make a nice baby quilt. Trouble is I have no blue baby fabric!! its made from 5" squares in the first instance. Delivery date has changed for my next Grandson 3rd of March, so I will need to get cracking. Might go on line and see what I can find, half yards would do it plus a yard of background. It would not need to be heavily quilted. I fancy blue lemon and cream.

Cold chicken, jacket spuds and salad for supper tonight, have to sort out a dessert, think there might be enough mixed fruit left to do fruit in jelly.

Well my nose ran all morning. DB went for his siesta and I settled down for a snooze on the settee, woke up, sniffles gone, did sneeze three times again, but apart from a sore nose from having to wipe it so much thats it, strange, This has happened before. DB is up and apart from a couple of wee coughs has not coughed since he took the first dose of medicine. He is due another dose about 4.30. and then more when we go to bed, maybe we will get a better night tonight, heaven knows I need it.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Cough, cough.........cough,cough cough...........

Looks like this is going to be my life from now on............3am last night before I managed to get to sleep. I have tried everything I can to stop DB's damn cough, I resorted to lemon juice and honey in a glass of hot water. The Drs are no help because he is allergic to a majority of the antibiotics............

DB was late getting up, I wanted to deep clean the kitchen and try and get marks out of the sitting room carpet. DB will insist on carrying tea etc through without a tray. Job done, also washed the towels, they are on the line, hope they dry a bit. DB managed to knock a full mug of tea over into his chair.........yesterday so had to wash the chair cover.

I have been having a bit of a battle with Tesco, I had a credit card with them for over 20 years, used it for shopping etc at one time but recently have only used it for fuel. I went on line to check my balance and it asked me to click to ring me to ascertain I was who I said I was. I have lost my mobile, not replaced it yet, and the telephone number was wrong. Phoned up, to cut a long story short they sent me a number to use when I logged in, tried to log in, information was not accepted, so DB rang, he is the account holder, went through a load of things which he kept having to ask me about, he has nothing to do with the finances, eventually they agreed to speak to me. Apparently as DB is the account holder his details should have been put in, they would have to send me another security number, 7 - 10 days before I could expect to receive it. Afraid I lost it, gave the phone to DB and told him to cancel the card. The card is empty I paid it off last week, so a ceremonial cutting up of a credit card yesterday afternoon. I have a card with our bank, but have not used it, will have to ask them for a number as I cannot remember the one they gave me.......hey ho.....I now need to check with experian to make sure they have taken the card off my credit report.

It quite a cold day, I turned the heating down and left it on this morning, background heat is fine whilst we are moving about.

I need to prep the supper, pork, roast spuds and celeriac, cabbage and carrots, I think there is also some cauli and calebrese that need using up too. Banana with toffee sauce for dessert.

Its awful black over Bills Mothers, hope its not going to rain, do not want to have to dash out and retrieve the towels, they are so heavy when they are wet.

DB has gone for his siesta, chocolate brownie for his afternoon tea.

Saturday, 26 November 2016


We are very late this morning, it was 9.30 before I opened my eyes so we have just finished breakfast. We will have a very light lunch.....we have an appointment this afternoon, the outline plans for our 3 villages is being exhibited in the little chapel round the corner, so we will go round and see what they might be thinking for our village. Not much I hope, the school is at capacity, the roads in the village are very narrow and we do not have the infrastructure for lots of traffic. Permission has already been granted for the field opposite the community garden, they are not going to be affordable houses either, so it will be more cars in the village along the very narrow roads.

Not such a nice morning as yesterday, very grey, have not been out so no idea how cold it is. I will light the sitting room fire later. I have not got to grips with the thermostatic valves on the rads. especially the one in the sitting room, no idea which number equates to the temperature. The engineer set them all on 4 The thermostat in the hall is set at 18.

Have just spoken to our neighbours daughter her sister has had an op on her back, 2 vertebrae had collapsed onto the disc, she has had an operation, expected to be in hospital for at least 10 days. Apparently its the second time it has happened.

Spent most of yesterday reading, after I cleaned the sitting room. I was going to tackle the kitchen this morning but have decided to do it tomorrow instead, might get my feet on the ground a bit earlier. It would  be nice to clear the work surfaces but no idea where the stuff would go if I do.

One of the programmes we record is escape to the country, it is a sure thing that when asked what they would like in a house they say a big open plan kitchen........some of those kitchen are enormous. I have come to the conclusion that decent sized kitchen are not a requisite for older people, I am sure they do not expect us to cook for our selves. Mind you if I did not have the microwave it would give me another work surface, however I use it all the time, its so quick. I could quite easily just do with a hot plate. I have a cooker with 2 ovens and a hob, both ovens are pristine, I have never used them. I use the kitchen table if I am baking, which is what my mother did when we were at the small holding. The Raeburn was the hob and oven, no work surfaces just a double drainer kitchen sink. Of course we had a pantry and a dresser for china etc. I think there were two wall cupboards. The kitchen was converted from a bedroom, the original kitchen became the bathroom when the bath etc went in. Mind you it was freezing in there in the winter, no heating.

right time to get on, apples to peel for a crumble tomorrow.

Friday, 25 November 2016


A lovely sunny clear day, cold, the breeze is making it feel colder than it really is.

Cancelled my trip to see mt quilting friend. DB still has a sore throat, do not want to pass anything on to her, that would be awful. So sat at home.

Did manage to dust and push the dyson over the sitting room floor, was crackered when I had finished.

Have just cooked the salmon for supper and a tray of chocolate brownies. Neither of us like the salmon hot, so I cook and cool it. We are having potatoes cooked in their skins and mixed veg with it, I have some hollandaise sauce as well.

DB is having his siesta, I feel quite tired myself, might manage to drop off for a Nana nap a bit later. DB did not cough last night but did get up for the loo, so of course I was awake.

My neighbour and her two daughters have gone up to Sheffield to see O, The news over the phone has been very little, they will not tell you much so I expect it was the 'comfortable' message they have been getting.

No plans for the weekend.........No sewing done either, need to sort out the next UFO to tackle.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Wonders will never cease

Its not raining and we have a bit of blue sky, need to keep my eye on the grey clouds though.

Well DB was back at the Drs this morning, he woke in the night informing me that he had a raging sore throat again!! thats what you get for sitting in the Drs for 3 hours. The Dr wanted a blood test, the problem with his thymus seems to be affecting his white blood cells. They tried for 20 minutes to get blood out of him. Gave up in the end, he has to go back next week when the phlebotomist is on.

I was late getting up, DB had decided to go to the Drs so got up at 8 am. I was still in dreamland so got my breakfast in bed.

Have done the ironing, hung out another load of washing, it seems to be drying ok. Cleaned out and re-laid the fire, set the table for lunch.

No plans for this afternoon except to fold and air the laundry when I fetch it in and read the magazines our neighbour gave me yesterday. I can pass them on to my quilting friend tomorrow.

Our next door neighbours daughter, who was taken to hospital on a spinal board yesterday, has damaged her spine, she is being transferred to the spinal unit in Sheffield for more detailed examination and possibly an operation. One of her other sisters has come to stay with their mother. They take it in turns to come for a few days at a time, but O is usually here from Friday to Tuesday.

DB has gone for his siesta, we are back on the gargling and paracetamol routine again, I just hope we manage to keep it off his chest this time. I am so fed up with the coughing.

Finished the table runner yesterday, I will be using it myself, I forgot to square it up before I put the binding on, big mistake!! Obviously was not thinking straight.

Will be lighting the fire when DB gets up, it stays in till we go to bed on just a couple of shovel fulls of coal. I can leave the airer in the sitting room tonight, the heat in the room will air the laundry off so it can be folded and put away in the morning. 

I found some cooked chicken in the freezer so its defrosting, have done a tomato, cucumber and red pepper salad, we have a bit of coleslaw left and I will do a couple of jacket spuds for supper. Banana for dessert.

To my American readers: I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving........

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Wet Wednesday

Another night with coughing at 3am, very late waking up, but to be honest I am past caring.

We were supposed to be having dry weather today, what happened??? its hissing down with rain again, cold and miserable, does my mood affect the weather??? Thats just how I feel.

I finished sewing the binding on the table runner, not really happy with it, but I will use it. I have to finish hand sewing the binding down, will get at it later.

OH appears to be ok this morning thank heavens, so far no moaning. Going to see my quilting friend on Friday for a bit of relief. DB goes with me but takes a book and sits and reads either in the sitting room or the conservatory whilst we natter and put the world to rights.

He has his jigsaw on the kitchen table just now. I need to clear the fire out and re lay it.

The budget has gone out the window, I need to get hold of it after Christmas, money is disappearing like a rat down a drain pipe. I need to do a complete stock take and base my December menu and shopping on it. Christmas day will be a cheap one we are going to my daughters. I paid for the turkey with Sainsbury gift cards. OH gets them for doing surveys. I did buy a turkey breast thinking that she and her father were coming here, so that is something I can cook and get several suppers out of.

 I have already put the housekeeping up by £20. There is not much change from my purse going in the money tin either. One thing that does not help is the continuing visits to the hospitals in Leicester. Its a 60 mile round trip and we have parking to pay as well. It can range from £150 to £4.00 depending on how long we are there.  We have 3 appointments next month so I have to budget for petrol and parking.

A bit of excitement in the close, OH saw a Dr in the close this morning, at lunch time an ambulance turned up and went next door, it was there for over an hour and a half. B returned from town, so I went over to ask how P was, I had not seen B for a couple of days. B told me that it was our neighbours daughter who had fallen in the bedroom, she is not a small lady, Another ambulance turned up and  a spinal board was taken in; eventually the stretcher came out. How they managed to lift O up after they put the spinal board in place to get her onto the stretcher I will never know, she must weigh at least 20st. The ambulances were in the close for well over 2 hours. 

The weather has not improved over the day and its now starting to get dark. Have managed to almost finish the binding on the runner. Fire is lit, supper is in the over on automatic pilot. I have made dumpling to go with the beef stew. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

What NHS????

Our GP phoned for an ambulance to take DB to the LRI (Leicester Royal Infirmary) She wanted him checked to make sure there was nothing sinister going on.

As a non emergency we were told that the wait would be approx 4 hours. which meant 8 pm. I had a phone call from the ambulance people confirming this.

Time marched on, 10pm, no ambulance so I decided we would go to bed, 12 midnight the phone rang, ambulance service, apologising for not getting to us, could not say how long it would be, so I told them to cancel it. We would go to the GP's this morning which we did. Another wait of 2 hours.........but he was seen. Dr tested him, Temp fine, BP fine, sats 97% fine. She then made him stand with his eyes closed and step forward.....he was waving all over the place. Eyes checked no problem there. Diagnosis....... Vertigo so medication given. He has to take it 3 times a day when he starts feeling dizzy, advised to continue for a couple of days afterwards to make sure. Once again I am like a rung out rag. I am really wondering now how long it will be before my body decides its had enough, I just cannot keep going on like this. 

I did have a very stern talk with DB, not that it will do much good but I felt I had to try. I have told him many times the day will come when there is something seriously wrong and I will not take any notice.

This afternoon I went into town whilst DB was having his siesta, I needed fresh veg and fruit plus a couoke of other things.

Just having a cuppa and I will then go through and finish sewing the binding onto the table runner I had to leave yesterday.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Another day at the fun palace.......Not.......

It has poured with rain all day, most of the time like there was no tomorrow.

We went into town to get my glasses fuxed and picked up a couple of bits including....wonder of wonders white Toblerone.....its ages since I saw any, so a large bar is now residing in the fridge.

DB went for his siesta, having complained of a headache.....nothing new there then, he got up and made some tea and then announced that he was dizzy again and his head was pounding. I phoned the Dr and made him speak to her, she came out to see him and to cut a long story short we are now waiting for an ambulance to take him into LRI. she wants some checks run on him. I am fizzing off the scale...........

The wait for an ambulance is 2 - 4 hours, so he might get it sometime before midnight. If they expect me to go in and collect him then they have another think coming.......

I managed to quilt the table runner and started putting the binding on before DB started his 'I am not well'........

Sunday, 20 November 2016


A very grey day, the rain has stopped but the wind is blowing something else.....trees swaying like no ones business.

Had our usual Sunday morning brekkie, DB coughed again around 2 am woke me up, I went through to make a drink and when I got back he was asleep!! We were both awake before 8 am, so brekkie was early, did not rise from the pit until after 9 am.

I had a message last night, someone saw the images I sent to Bex for a ring pillow, they have asked me to make one for their wedding next year. I need to get to grips with the embroidery machine!!

I my horror I also found on my messages a message from a friend of Nicks, I should have got it last year. It was about something he was going to say at the reception after Nicks funeral. I was upset that I had not replied to him, I mailed him and apologised for not answering him. I did not want him to think that I did not care about his friends and workmates who were suffering just as we were.

Supper tonight, gammon ham with roasties, carrots, cauli, calebrese and onion sauce. I have part cooked the apples for an apple and blackberry crumble. I will need to make some custard to go with it.

One of the mats I bound yesterday has pulled away from the binding so I need to undo it and try and catch it in.....then I can finish sewing the binding down, another two UFO's finished.

Binding sewn down, this is two variations of the 3 dudes block.

DB retired to bed with a dizzy, I looked at the meducation he is taking, side effect dizziness, so he has not had a dizzy for 4 months, I guess the medication is at fault. I have told him not to take anymore, I will ring the surgery in the morning. He is still in bed, he says it keeps coming and going, so he can stay where he is for a while.

I have spent a good bit of the afternoon in the sewing room, have started to quilt the table runner with the piece of the block in the wrong place. Given it up for now, its getting dark and my eyes are tired.

Just made the crumble topping for the apple and backberry crumble will cook it a bit later.

Saturday, 19 November 2016


Morning, sorry about not posting yesterday, I did not remember until after we went to bed. 

Yesterday was a wasted day. We set off for the hospital, DB's appointment was for 12.20, it was 12 50 before he was called. Appointment went:

Oculist.... you have double vision?

DB.... no!!

Oculist.... I have a letter saying you have double vision....

DB.... yes I did 3 months ago when I was admitted to the LRI. it lasted about 20 hours as did the dizzy attack I had.

Oculist......Oh..... well I will just have a quick look, it says here you had a stroke.....

DB yes in 2015......

Oculist it says here 2016.

DB ... No, the weakness in my left side was diagnosed as nerve damage from a fall I had in hospital in August.

At that point the oculist did a swift eye test, said your left eye has deteriorated you need a stronger lens in your glasses. See your optician, and we walked out. A complete waste of time and money.

So a 60 mile round trip, diesel, parking charges for something that could have been dealt with locally by our optician.

Home, drink of tea.....DB went for his siesta.............

We were both tired, DB is still waking at night coughing, last night it was just after 2 am. We did not get up early, but since I have been up I have hung out the washing I did in the washer overnight. Laid the fire, cleaned the sitting room and the kitchen and sorted lunch.

Its a very cold sunny day, there is quite a breeze so the laundry should dry more or less.

I am going to spend sometime this afternoon in the sewing room, I have 2 blocks which I have decided to make into casserole mats for the table, need to quilt and bind them, something else finished off.

I have a hankering to put together the Ohio star quilt, I made the blocks during the summer, I now need to cut out the plain blocks and put it together. I need 28 squares and then the side and corner triangles. I will lay it out on the sewing room floor and number the rows. 
If I could fix it up I would use the design wall, its finding some way to hang it that's the problem. To get enough room on the floor I will have to find somewhere else to put the iron and ironing board.

Tonights supper is fry up, done under the grill, I grill the bacon, use a really small amount of sunflower oil to fry the eggs and make 'fried bread' with the oil that left after the bacon has cooked.

Thursday, 17 November 2016


Autumn was late this year due to the mild weather, but now the grass and pavements are covered in fallen leaves of every different hue you can imagine. It can be a bit chancy walking after it has rained.

We do not have  any trees round us here so we do not have the chore of gathering the leaves up to make leaf mold for the garden. I am not going to go round the pavements sweeping up the leaves into a bag, we are not that desperate. That brings to mind a childhood memory. The Rag and Bone man used to come round on this cart drawn by a horse; if he stopped near our house and there was a little pile of dung after the horse moved on my grand mother was out there with a shovel and bucket to collect it up. It was placed on top of the previously collected dung and then the pile was used in the spring on the garden, especially the roses, a new pile was then started.

Its a sunny but cold morning, I have towels in the washer which will be going out shortly, the vrg is done for supper tonight, I need to put the bread maker on whilst we are out and put half the beef stew I cooked yesterday into a container in the freezer.

I peeled cooked and froze more apples yesterday, there are about 6 left so 3 will go in the bag to go to DD2's later this morning.

Its time for me to shut up and sort out the things that are going with us this morning, I need to put fuel in the car;DB tells me that it has gone down 3p a litre so I will fill the car up and fingers crossed it will keep us going until the middle of December.

I may be back later.

Some years ago I made ring pillows for weddings and also pillows for babies christening. My Grand daughter asked me about making one for her wedding, I had to do some searching to find these two.

This one was made for a friends daughter when she married, it was not a ring pillow but memory of her big day. Her mother told  me that the pillow was place on her pillow on the wedding night and went on Honeymoon with them.

This is the central motif.

This one was made for an internet friend, a year before the wedding he was diagnosed with cancer. He died nine months later on Valentines Day.

The bride wore a medieval style gown and the underskirt was this same pale lilac as the ring pillow.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Hmm another bad night, was awake with DB coughing a limp rag again today. More cough sweets bought, but really they do not seem to do much good. At least I have not picked it up.....

It is a bright sunny day but there is quite a breeze, pity I had no laundry to dry!!

Off to the library at Bingham for more books. To get the key checked we had cut and to Boyes. 

I appear to have mislaid my mobile phone, I last had it on Friday when I phoned DB to tell him to put the kettle on. Not seen it since. I have had the car to bits, its not in there, nor in my coat pockets or handbag.......grrrrrrr.....I guess it will turn up when I am not looking for it.

I sat last night and hand stitched the binding down on the two pot holders, then discovered on one of them that I had sewn half of the 
hanging loop in when I put the binding on, so I have had to take it to bits......I have two corners to re sew and the loop to sew in then re sew down the binding. That will teach me to make sure the loops are out of the way when I sew the binding on.

DB is going for his siesta shortly, I may well join him...... bacon fritatta, salad and jacket spud for supper, no idea what to do for a sweet, maybe I will cry off, DB can have ice cream.

Might do a bit more sewing later.

We are out tomorrow, DB has to collect his insoles for his shoes from our local hospital, we are then going to DD2's for lunch and to take her the turkey and also some magazines, so DB will not get his siesta tomorrow. I need to prep the supper before we go out. Will not feel like sorting it out when we get back.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Wonders will never cease, DB did not cough at all last night, but has made up for it during the day. So we both had a decent nights sleep.

We had more rain, it stopped about lunchtime but never dried up.

I spent the afternoon making a couple of pot holders with some odd blocks. I gave the Dresden mat a really good press and it has flattened out nicely. I have a photo but cannot get the wretched thing to post. Still not decided what fabric to use on the other dresden back and binding. Mind you I could take the east way out and put a plain back on by just sewing round the fabrics right sides together and turn it through.

Managed to get it to load now having switched off my computer and restarted it.

Cheese pie and beans for supper tonight, will have the rest of the bread and butter pudding for dessert.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Wet Monday

I mistakenly thought the nights of coughing were over....wrong. 1.15 am half an hour coughing and sputtering and again around 4.00 am so it was a late start for us yet again. 11 am before DB got his rear out of the sheets. No cleaning for me today I am too crackered. How much longer this is going on for I really do not know, but I do know its very wearing.

No plans for the rest of the day. I am going to finish hand sewing the binding on that mat and then have a look at the other one and see what I can find for the centre and binding, it needs at least 60 inches cut on the bias.

I also need to sort a couple of things out and put pen to paper so to speak.

I will be carving the remains of the lamb up shortly, some for supper tonight with salad and a jacket spud each, no idea about dessert, I might make a bread and butter pudding, I have some bread in the freezer.

It was raining first thing but it seems to have stopped and its getting a bit lighter. DB has just been for a walk up the garden.

This afternoon I rescued this from the UFO pile, It was only when I was ironing it I realised there was a glaring mistake, can you see it???

I cannot undo the piece and turn it round the borders have already been quilted and there is no way I am undoing all those stitches. I might never get the thing to match up again, so this will be mine!! Grrrrr.............

Just before 2.30 and it is starting to get dark, the sky is very grey, will have to put the lights on soon.

I have found even more stuff that needs finishing and/or sorting out, I think I am going to be busy for quite a while, som of it I have no idea what to do with it, the blocks for the lesson plans I have put the sample blocks in with the instructions. I doubt I will use them again, but you never know.

Time to sort out salad etc for supper.......

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sunny Sunday

Woke to bright sunshine, forecast was good for this morning, so a load of washing done and out on the line, doubt it will dry much but at least it has been out. Have also cleaned out and relaid the fire.

We had our usual Sunday breakfast in bed, DB is still there, did not cough so much in the night, so a better nights sleep. He will be out of bed shortly. Says he is 'not so bad' this morning. To be perfectly frank I could do without the histrionics.

Lamb for supper tonight, has been marinaded in red wine over night, so should be yummy. Will do carrots, cauliflower and calebrese with it. That's 3 of my 5 a day, the fruit we have for breakfast is another one, so with the pear I will have with my lunch, that's today's quota of fruit and veg. The  dry roast spuds I do don't count.

Well life goes on a little slower than before. Have dusted and hoovered the hall and sitting room and used the hoover to pick up the bits that miss the mat in front of the sink.  Also relaid the fire ready to light later when DB gets up after his nap. We have just had soup and the remains of the garlic bread for our lunch. DB always has yogurt after his lunch, a lovely ripe pear was my dessert.

I am going into the sewing room whilst he has his siesta, I want to work on the dresden plate mat, I have the backing on, need to cut and join the fabric for the binding and sew that on. I will finish it off by hand. I have another mat done in softer colours, I need to find a fabric for the centre circle, then I can finish that as well. I have been looking to see if I have any of the fabric I used in it for the centre, so far no such luck, might have to put my thinking cap on!!

Veg prepped for supper, have the lamb out of the fridge, I use bags to roast in the oven, so will bag it up, weigh it and put it on the timer, that way I am not constantly looking at the clock to see what time to put it on.

The Remembrance  Service was held at the chapel this morning, the village war memorial is in the chapel graveyard. There is also one inside the chapel. Its unusual to say the least for it not to be at the Parish Church in the village. I will have to do some digging and see what I can find out.

Have a good rest of the day.......................

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Saturday and its raining

A very bad night, DB was coughing for most of it, we finally got to sleep about 5am. I got up and made breakfast which we ate in bed. I finally managed out of bed just after 11 am.

Went to the chemist in Clawson and got more nasal decongestant and cough syrup, this is the second cold DB has had this year, I am going to have to keep supplies in. After going so long without the sign of a cold this is a new departure. I just hope I do not get it.

Several people have asked me if my heart disease is hereditary as far as I am aware it is not, but as my father died in 1943 before I was born, I know very little about his family, they are all dead now anyway. I do feel a bit cheated as I did try to do everything I could to remain healthy. Particularly as DB was so much older than me, he always assumed that I would outlive him. I still could but you just never know what is round the corner,

DB went for his siesta, I took him a cup of tea and the last slice of lemon drizzle cake, I guess he may have gone back to sleep. I did give him medication for his sinus's which I know can cause drowsiness. Sleeping is not usually a problem for him anyway.

The rain appears to have stopped, its now starting to get dark. No fire today, I turned the bedroom and bathroom rads off just leaving the sitting room, hall and kitchen ones on, so the rooms we are in are warm.

Nothing done today except prep the supper, spag bol and garlic bread. Banana for dessert.

Heres hoping for a better nights sleep tonight...............

Friday, 11 November 2016


I am still reeling after yesterdays revelation, having taken the medication and watched my diet for 20 years it was quite a shock. DB has said very little which is typical. It will take a while to come to terms with the diagnosis myself.

I thought we were in for a sleepless night last night, DB came to bed stinking of vick, he coughed and spluttered for a while and then dropped off. He was awake at 3am so I made him take more paracetamol and cough stuff and he slept till the alarm went off. I have a feeling this may have be a result of his visit to the bowls club on Tuesday for the AGM.

He decided not to come with me this morning, so I had to brave the shops on my own. I did get someone to put the bags in the car for me at Lidl and DB carried them in when I got home.

He went for his siesta after lunch, I had lit the fire in the sitting room, so am on the settee.

I have no idea what is going to happen next, the fact that they do not seem to be unusually bothered makes me wonder just how bad it is. One thing I do know; after what happened when I had this pacemaker in I am rather concerned that it does not happen again and that they do not give me morphine.

I have had several things buzzing around in my head for a while, now seems the time to sort everything out so there is no confusion later.

No cleaning done, I will dust and hoover the sitting room tomorrow, I might be able to talk DB into pushing the Dyson round. I am so thankful we are in this bungalow and not having to lug the heavy dyson up the stairs.

Fish, celariac and potato mash, sweetcorn and peas for supper. Banana for dessert.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Oh My Goodness

At the hospital this morning, pacemaker clinic running half an hour behind time......brilliant......eventually got seen and have to go back in 6 months.

Then to the cardiac clinic which was running an hour behind time!! Echo showed I have coronary heart failure........not the just right side but the left as well. How can this happen when I have been taking statins for over 20 years??? You tell me. The Dr kept asking me if I have ever had a heart attack, well I think I would know if I had......

I have to have an MRI scan of my heart, there is talk of changing my present pacemaker for one with a defibrillator built in and I have to go onto several more drugs. So my visit was not a good one. We eat a good diet, the right amount of fruit and veg etc, but obviously that has not helped me. 

We were going to go shopping, but I was so shell shocked I decided we should come home and have some lunch. We have to go into Melton tomorrow to collect the turkey, so we will go to  Lidl for the groceries.

It was very frosty overnight, but it had cleared by the time we left for the hospital, on the way home it was very black over the north of the county and as we dropped down into the valley there was a double rainbow and it was hitting a farmhouse, the front of it was amazing to see.

Heating on, had not cleaned out the fire, so it will have to wait for tomorrow now. looks like my cleaning routine will have to alter a bit, and so will the grass cutting. I am wondering if I might be able to get attendance allowance, I know they want to abolish it, will have to see what the Dr says. I will have to go and get the medication when the letter comes through from the hospital. So far apart from getting breathless walking, it has not affected me too much, but that can change very rapidly.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Woke to news this morning that Trump is to be the next US president, neither candidate was brilliant, but I did think HC might get through, we are now landed with Toxic Trump.

Its a dull morning, we have had rain and it looks as though we will be getting some more. Manchester and further north they have had snow!!

No plans for the day will not be gardening, I might take myself into the sewing room, have a root through and see what else I can start to finish........I have several quilts to layer up, but have not got wide enough wadding. The roll I bought 4 years ago is now almost finished, not enough on it to join it together for one of the quilt. Will have to see about getting another roll. I guess DB will be wanting the kitchen table for his jigsaw.

I have a hospital appointment tomorrow, another pacemaker check and then an appointment with the cardiologist.......for the results of a test that was ordered in February and did not take place until September.

Morning was dull and wet, the sun did manage out for about 10 minutes after lunch but that was it.

I did a rootle through the UFO basket and found an Ohio STart block, I  must have made it ages ago, I have turned it into a cushio cover, the fabric on the back is not the same as the front, but until someone turns it round you would never know. I have also done some work on the Christmas dresden plate mat, I now need to cut out and stick on the backing and cut the binding. As it is round I need to cut strips on the bias to make sure they go round properly.

I lit the fire about an hour ago, the heating will come on in about half an hour, but I have turned the rads off in the sitting room and bedroom, will put them on later, no point warming somewhere we are not going to be.

DB had his sieata, he has done some of his jigsaw, but since he got up he has been reading.

Toad in the hole tonight, need to go and chop up some cabbage. will be using some tinned carrots and peas.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


My goodness we were late waking this morning, it was just after 9 am.

Towels from the washer hung on the line, not that they dried, there was a bit of a breeze but not enough to dry them and a very grey day.

R came round with a large bag of apples for us. I will be back peeling and cooking a few each day. I did try to eat one, but they were a bit too tart even for me. 

DB went over to see our friends, P is now on oxygen 24 hours a day, he took some books across for him to read. P has been banned from driving so we are going to form a 'group' with P's next door neighbours, that one of us takes B shopping and the other sits with P till she gets back. Its the least we can do under the circumstances.

Its turned quite chilly, I fetched the towels in and finished them off in the dryer, have also ironed the sheets etc from yesterday.

DB has his bowls AGM tonight so we are having super early, mince, dough balls and veg. We will finish off the apple and gooseberry crumble for dessert. We finished the lentil soup at lunch time with some hm bread.

The forecast was for rain, we have not seen any yet, but it was very frosty overnight, there is snow forecast for some higher ground later...brrrrr......I need to start wearing my leggings under my trousers!!

No sewing done, trying to decide what to tackle next.

Monday, 7 November 2016


Bright but chilly this morning, there is a cold wind.

Laundry done, out on the line, it should dry ok. I will iron it tomorrow.

Monday clean done, mopped the tiles on the bathroom walls and just polished them.

DB was out in the garden for a while, he has cut some of the branches off the fir tree in our neighbours garden, he was given permission to cut the branches that over hang our garden. He also walked down to the post office with a parcel for me whilst I re-laid the sitting room fire and mopped over the kitchen floor.

A pot of leek and lentil soup on the hob, I had carrot left from last night, so chopped that up and also the remains of a can of tomatoes. Just what the Dr ordered on a cold day. Enough for tomorrow too.

Library van this afternoon, I have just finished reading the last book, we will need to go to Bingham next week to take those books back.

Lit the fire after lunch, it was cold, P was at the library van, asked her to come round for a cup of tea, had to do a quick run home and put scones on. Spent a pleasant hour talking about anything and nothing. OH was in the kitchen working on his jigsaw.

Eggs, wedges and beans for supper tonight, apple and gooseberry crumble for dessert, there will be enough for tomorrow night as well.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sleet on Sunday

It was bright and sunny whilst we were having our breakfast, but 10 am the sun was hidden mostly by a haze. It Brrrrrrr and the wind chill did not help.

We went into town, in a way it was a fail visit. I could not get the buttons I wanted, the second choice will have to do. Then to Sainsbugs....another part fail, they had no Turkey crowns so I had to order one. We have to go back on Wednesday to pick it up. I had already decided not to go to DD2's she has a filthy cold, we would not appreciate it being past on. I told her to stay in bed, take paracetamol and plenty of drinks.

As we came out of Sainsbugs it started to sleet and carried on all the way home, it looks like it has turned to rain now. I lit the fire.....

Supper tonight is pork, I got apples and gooseberries out of the freezer to make a crumble, need to prep the veg, will do it after DB goes for his siesta. I think we will be sending most of the afternoon watching stuff we have recorded.

Just thinking about starting to cook the supper when the phone went. Stepson, on his way over, he brought his youngest son with him, so the photograph albums came out and a history lesson.

Supper over we are settling down to watch the Strictly results show, there is nothing much on afterwards so I guess we will be watching recorded programmes again.

Its still bitter out, nich and warm in here, quite cosy.

Saturday, 5 November 2016


A sunny, clear but cold autumn morning with quite a breeze just a nip of frost in the air, I love it when its like this wrap up warm and go for a walk, kicking the fallen leaves as you go along, great.......

Its the village bonfire tonight, I hope it has dried out after the rain during the week. We will not be going, we can, if we feel like it, walk to the end of the lane and watch the fireworks for free, to watch them on the village hall car park costs £4 each.

I have a line of laundry out, its bed change on Monday so wanted to get the rest of the laundry out of the way, give me a clear field so to speak.

DB is outside putting another coat of preservative on the shed, its the side that faces the sun, I guess it might need doing each year. We have a yellow daisy type flower in the garden which is still flowering, I though the frost might kill it off, but its still going strong. A welcome splash of colour in an otherwise slightly dull herbaceous border just now.

The paper white bulbs have come out with 3 flower spikes, the scent is quite heady when you get close to them, so far the centre bulb has not put a bud up.

Pork out defrosting for supper tomorrow anve also done the pineapple and oranges for tomorrows breakfast, we will be off to Melton to Sainsbugs, Boyes and to DD2's have not seen her for about a month, she and DGD were away in London last weekend for  DGD's birthday.

Leek and potato soup for lunch, DB has also brought in a celariac, I will peel and grate a piece to put in the soup. I like to eat it raw in remoularde which is thin sticks of celariac in garlic mayo. I also like it cooked with potato and mashed with butter. I have in the past used it with grated spud made into flat patties and fried gently in butter.

I am thinking of playing with the embroidery machine this afternoon, I have found more of the freestanding lace  angel patterns on the internet. I do not have to download them onto a memory stick, the lap top can be connected to the machine and it stitches straight from the internet site.

 I used them on the sitting room window last year, stuck them on with double sided tape. I will have to go through the decorations box, not sure whats all in there, did not put a tree up last year, just had a few decs round. Did not really have the heart to do anything more.

Began to cloud over after lunch so I fetched the washing in, all dry, just put them over the radiator airers to air off when the heating comes on.

DB went for his siesta, is not doing more at his jigsaw, its starting to cool down so will be triggering the heating in a bit. Heavy night watching TV tonight. Pointless, Strictly, then a break when we will watch a programme we recorded and last Rebus, we will be a bit later going to bed tonight.

Have decided not to go to DD2's tomorrow she has a streaming cold, after what happened earlier this year I have no wish for DB to get it, so we will do the bit of shopping and come home, The Turkey will have to reside in our freezer for a couple of weeks.

I have a parcel to pack to post, hope to get it away on Monday.

Mac cheese, baked potato and tomato for supper, finish off the fruit in jelly for dessert.

Friday, 4 November 2016


It had rained overnight, but the sun came out, a slight breeze, wish I had laundry to hang out, it would dry.

Friday clean done, DB walked down the the gossip centre of the village to get the TV Choice whilst I was re-laying the fire and cleaning the sitting room. Kitchen floor is ok, so just a quick flip with the Dyson after I had cleaned the work tops, oven, etc.

Not sure what I am going to do this afternoon, I might do another couple of zipper bags, I have been asked to make two for a Christmas present for someone. 

The close is quiet today the workmen have finished, so they now await the arrival of the gas meters and the installation of the heating. I hope they do not have to wait too long. the storage heaters have to be switched off 24 hours before the installers come.

No plans for the weekend either, might nip to Sainsbugs for a bigger turkey crown, I have a £10 gift card, we could well carry on to DD2's have not seen her for about a month. The turkey can then go into her freezer rather than mine. I need to buy some mincemeat for mince pies, used up my stock last year. If I do not use it all I keep it from one year to the next, just put a drop of brandy in and give it a good mix up.

B came round to have a look at the airing cupboard to see what was needed, he is going to have a word with the chap who works with him, they will use the  slats of wood that came out to make the new shelves.

I have been doing a bit of fiscal forecasting, I keep details of our income and outgoings on a spread sheet, I also have an on line programme that I can use to forecast spending during the year. Fingers crossed we will have a bit of cash for extra savings after the middle of next year. That's good news. We both have life insurance policies but I want to put extra cash away, funeral expenses go up and up and I doubt there will be enough in the two policies, if there is well the cash can go to the kids. The rest of it we will spend, maybe an extra holiday, a trip to London, we will have to see.

Heating has gone back on. I turned the bedroom thermostat down, will turn it back up later when I go in to draw the curtains. It is beginning to turn cold now the sun has gone.

Started another zipper bag......same fabrics as the shabby chic cushion cover. Just need to cut the lining before I start to assemble it.

Fish, wedges and peas for supper, fruit in jelly for dessert, we had it with ice cream last night, there will be enough for tomorrows supper too.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Double Brrrrrr

My goodness Its cold out, the thermometer is showing 7c but the wind makes it feel much colder. DB has been out and finished putting preservative on the side of the shed that faces the prevailing wind. The house is warm although the heating switched off. I need to re -lay the fire I lit it yesterday afternoon and turned the radiator down. We only light it occasionally. I need to get the chimney swept.

I have a lemon drizzle cake in the oven and have also done a mixed berry jelly for dessert tonight. Think I will do sausage, mash and beans for supper. Tomorrow will be fish, wedges and peas.

Photograph is the table runner I finished yesterday. I made it 4 years ago, but was struggling putting the binding on round the points, however yesterday I cracked it, so finished binding it and hand sewed the binding down. One down about 40 to go, not really it just seems like it. I have a huge container full of various things, I know there are at least 2 lap quilt tops in there, possibly finish.

I really like this, would make another one, but I no longer have the pattern. I think it was in the Christmas edition of Quiltmaker in 2012. I will put a round robin out and see if anyone has the pattern still. You never know.

I made this when I was teaching Kaye and Shelia to quilt, I had thought about giving the pattern to Shelia to make as a project, but decided that it was 'too stretchy;' I disposed of a large number of quilting magazines when we moved two houses ago, just did not have enough shelf space for them, obviously that pattern was among them. I should have taken a copy before I got rid of it.

The local news sheet has come through the door, there is a meeting this month about the neighbourhood plan, we are invited to give our views on the draft for development in the village and surrounding areas. I can guess already what is going to be said. The village is not suitable for large scale development the roads, school and transport are all issues. This is a view I will be supporting. The roads in the village are so narrow only one vehicle can go up or down. The buses cannot access the village at all, they can only run on the main road.

Turned into a very dreich afternoon, sky was very grey and it was cold. I lit the fire when DB got up after his siesta.

Sausage etc for supper just needs heating through, have the spuds to cook.

No sewing, spending the afternoon reading.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Frosty morning

DB looked out the curtains as we were going to bed last night and announced, in a very satisfied voice, that it was freezing. Its gone up to 2 this morning and the sun is shining, but its still cold. I guess there will be frantic scraping of windscreens this morning.

Its Wednesday so a visit to the little chapel for coffee and a natter, catch up with the village gossip

We were up early for a change so DB spent some time on his jigsaw. After a quick whiz round I went into the sewing room to sort out my next UFO. Its the only room thats not go the radiator on, it was a bit chilly in there.

I had asked my ex and my youngest daughter to have lunch here on Christmas day. GD phoned last night, would we like to change the plan and go there.....well I had bought a small turkey crown, will use a Sainsbugs gift card to buy a larger one. GD is not going to her boyfriends for Christmas day, it would have been a bit of a squash here so we are going there, she is cooking. So I have a small turkey crown to cook for later. It will do us a couple of main meals and plenty in the freezer. I may keep some back to take on holiday with us, save me cooking meat one night. I wrap the meat in foil and put it in the top of the steamer when I am cooking the veg.

There was a full house at the chapel this morning, we even had two walkers who were passing drop in for tea/coffee and a chat. Several of our friends were there, so a report on activities. J & R were back briefly, their daughter was married in Suffolk last week, they are off tomorrow down to Kent for 10 days.

It was a lovely bright, clear morning, but nippy round the ears, I was glad I had my hat on and gloves to keep my hands warm.

After lunch I started on the UFO's I have sorted out various bits to finish. just now I am working on a table runner I made in 2012, I had started to put the binding on and for some reason put it away. It now has the binding on and I am hand sewing it down. The next things are two dresden plate table mats I made, one in Christmas fabric the other in spring like fabrics, they need their centres sewing on and also backing and quilting.

DB has spent the afternoon, since he had his siesta on his jigsaw. Its 4.15 pm and getting dark, I will have to put the light on.

Last night was one of my famous, do not sleep till 4 am nights, I am tired, but fighting not having a nap so I sleep tonight.

B the pastor at the chapel is coming round to see what can be done with the airing cupboard, shelf wise and also what we can do with the doors........

Frittata for supper tonight with some salad, no idea whats for dessert.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Mizzly Tuesday

We were not supposed to get rain, but it has mizzled for most of the day, very dark grey clouds, Yuk.......

Typical, I had a load of washing in the washer, mostly thick cotton vests which take a bit of drying. gave then about half an hour in the dryer and finished them off on the airer, will put it in the sitting room when we go to bed tonight.

DB spent the morning on his jigsaw, I did not get up too early, made a pot of beef and bean soup for tonights supper, DB asked for potato rather than dumpling.

No way was I going out to plant up bulbs outside, so they will have to wait until tomorrow, we also need to get one pot of geraniums into the greenhouse wrapped in fleece, a frost is forecast for tomorrow night. I have 2 trays on geraniums on the sitting room window cill. The orchids do not like the central heating so I have moved them into my sewing room.

I noticed last night that the paper whites have a flower coming up. My quilting friend said she would try to get me some more bulbs next time she goes to the nursery.

Front and back of the shabby chic cushion cover. I need to get some purple buttons. might put it up for sale, I have got  at least 7 or 8. Like the zipper bags I got a bit hooked up on them. I have a couple of kits with the fabric and instructions somewhere too. A blue and pink one I think.

The owl pencil case for my niece, she can get all her kit it. I have some little fabric Christmas trees I made last year, will be putting one of those inside with some new felt tip pens.

It did clear late this afternoon and I got the bulbs planted in the pots and also the big pot of geraniums wrapped and into the greenhouse. Felt a bit iffy this morning, but it seems the have cleared. Not dome a lot, just taking it easy.

DB spent all morning on his jigsaw, he was out in the garden with me for a  while. The workmen have been to fill in the holes in the pavement and road, so all is back to normal in the street, wonder when the plumbers will arrive??

Tomorrow is the coffee morning at the little chapel, so we will potter round for coffee and a chat.

It has not really been cold today in the house, the heat has just come on for the evening.