Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Its been a sunny day, but quite cold. I did not even go out of the door. I slept in, it was after 10 am before I got my shower.

Freezer audit has been done, menu for November planned and the shopping list written. It will just be a case of fresh fruit and veg during the month.

DB had his siesta, I have taken to watching escape to the country in an afternoon. Yesterday they were in Leicestershire, two houses within spitting distance of here. One at Eastwell and one at Scalford.

I have 3 books to read before Monday, well through the first, hope to get all three read before the library van comes.

It looks like two of the neighbours are going to get central heating. The gas team are due on Friday to lay the pipes in to the meter cupboard next door and across the road.

My new ironing board cover is on, I just need to check the iron, see it it decided to empty the water all over again. I have the phone number of the distributers, I will be ringing them.

Supper tonight egg and wedges, no dessert, cheese and biscuits for DB, nothing for me.

Its the final of the GBBO tonight, I have my own thoughts about who will win, we will see.....Its such a shame that it will no longer be on BBC. It will not be the same when it moves.

Tomorrow we will be off to the library at Bingham and also the monthly shop at Aldi.

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