Wednesday, 12 October 2016


I was very tired after yesterday, managed to sleep through DB getting up, he brought my breakfast through.

Towels in the wash and out on the line. We have visitors for afternoon tea, so we had a fry up at lunchtime, we will have soup and toast later tonight. I have re laid the fire ready to light later.

DB has been out in the garden, cut a head of celery which was supposed to be self blanching, the stalks are still quite green. I need to cut a couple of sticks and see what it tastes like.

I ironed the quilt cover, the ironing board is now put in the hall cupboard until after we have had the heating sorted. DD1 was coming tomorrow, she has now put it back to Sunday, she has to work tomorrow night. I have several old large sheets out to cover things up with. I also sorted a couple of presents for Christmas. We give the grandchildren  money till they are 18, then they drop off, they just get a token something. Most of the grandchildren have now reached 18, so Christmas will be cheaper this year. 

I need to start to sort out Christmas lunch. Lidl had small turkey crowns, I will get one of those, there will be 4 of us so that will give us enough for the two guests to go home with doggie bags. I usually cook gammon as well. I have a Christmas pudding in the cupboard, I will soak it in some brandy before I cook it. We will just have the usual veggies and I guess DB will require a trifle as well as mince pies. Once the sewing room is sorted I plan to use the small freezer for fruit, so will need to put it on, both the kitchen and the big freezer are almost full to bursting. I still have another couple of lots of apples to sort out and freeze. There are blackberries, gooseberries apples and rhubarb in various drawers of the freezers so it will get them all together in the one place so I do not have to search for them.

GBBO tonight, I wonder who will get knocked out? I am sad that it is going to channel 5. It will just not be the same.

I had two epic fails with the bread maker.....chucked out the second lot of yeast and bought more fresh stuff with a long date out. Fingers crossed this lot is ok, I will know in about half an hour.

DB has gone for his siesta, I have opened the back door to get rid of the 'fry up' smell......will close it shortly, I can feel the cool air in the sitting room.

Typically, because I cannot, my fingers are itching to sew!! Everything is packed away and the two machines covered up, we have to move them onto the cutting table so the sewing machine table can be folded away and the little dryer moved across the room.

From the door to the big freezer in the far corner. You can just see the storage heater at the far side of the freezer, this is being removed.

Standing in front of the freezer looking across to the door.

The other corner looking across the top of the two machines towards the wardrobes and cupboard where all the stuff from the airing cupboard is stored.

Once everything has been moved I will take another picture and then again when everything is back where it is going to go.

The stuff from the airing cupboad will have to stay for a while until I get the shelves put back in the airing cupboard. Life is going to get busy again. The engineers are going to be here for 2 days, it will probably take me at least a week to clean everything and get back to some sort of order. I hate mess, find it difficult to deal with, so not looking forward to it. Great when its done, its the doing!!!

It was the yeast!! Thank goodness I will not have to shell out for a new bread maker, nor will I have to buy the overpriced muck they call bread. There is not a decent baker within miles of here.

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