Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Sunny morning, but the wind has got steadily stronger.

Round to the chapel for coffee, 10 of us there today. I spoke to Barry about a jobbing builder to sort out the airing cupboard once the boiler is in. He is going to come round and look at it when the job is done. We were eating up cake left over from the harvest supper on Saturday. DB remarked that we really should go to a service at some point, might make it for the carol service.....we had intended to go last Christmas but Nicholas's death put a stop to that.

Back at home DB went out a cut the edges of the grass at the front.After his siesta he went out to finish painting the preservative on the fence and gate. I went out with the mower and cut the front grass.  C came to cut our neighbour's grass I asked her about using the hedge cutters on the hedge at the back. She is going to come round later and do it for us.

Liver and bacon for supper with mash, carrots and calebrese. Not sure what we are going to have for dessert.


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely time at the church coffee and am so very happy you found someone there who might put the needed shelves in the airing cupboard for you!

    Nice, too, that your neighbor is willing to trim your back hedge with her handy hedge trimmers!

    Have you heard yet from DD who is in Cuba since hurricane Matthew has headed northward? Hope all is well with her and her traveling companion(s). We're still hoping and praying Matthew hangs a right and goes out to sea.

    It's been a cool, cloudy day here and I ran needed errands to pay bills, get groceries, and swap books at the library.


  2. Catching up on your blog.

    I sincerely hope you and DB attend services at the chapel - the programs offered are truly a blessing. Would love to see a snapshot of the coffee group and the little chapel itself.

    Your daughter is going to have some stories to tell from Cuba. When is she supposed to return back to UK

    So good to hear that DB continues to improve.



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