Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Wednesday - heating finished!!!

Another early start, engineer was here just after 8 with a young chap to help him. Electrician was here by 8,30 three chaps in the airing cupboard, hardly any room to move, work went on apace.

I did the cheese an onion pie for tonight, 2 loads of laundry out, we discovered there is a leak under the kitchen sink, plumber tried to fix it be decided that we should phone the council and get them out to look at it.

The chaps kindly put the 3 machine boxes in the attic, I had to break two of the boxes down to get them through the hatch. The young chap cleaned up everywhere even mopping the floor in the wet room,

After they had gone, I set to and cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor and then set to in the sewing room, the young chap and helped me to shift the two freezers, the small one is now on and once its frozen up I will transfer all the fruit into it from both the other freezers.

I am so pleased that the heating is finished it switched itself on at 4.30 and the house is warming up nicely. A couple of the radiators have been turned down, the sewing room one is on the frost stat, so if the temperature drops the heating will come on. I have the engineer three christmas stockings for his children.

I have to admit I am shattered getting up early 3 mornings running has just about finished me off so we will be having a lie in tomorrow will then finish the sewing room.

This is what we saw at lunchtime.

The engineer was very tall, he had a problem getting into the cupboard under the sink to see of he could find out why there was water lying on the shelves.

Cheese and onion pie with baked beans for supper, There is a banana left so a banana split maybe.

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