Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tuesday. Heating Day 2

It was tipping it down this morning, we decided to have a quick trip to Bingham, Aldi had the air fresheners my quilting friend likes, so books back to the library, DB went to the ironmongers for string and a couple of hook and eye catches, I found myself in The Sue Ryder charity shop with a ball of yarn in my hand, whoops.....

Into Boyes for a couple of things I wanted and then back to the car, off to Aldi and then home.

The plumber arrived early this morning, he has just told DB that he may be back tomorrow, and there is no sign of the electrician.....Wonderful...............not!! The muck is beginning to get on my nerves, so is the clattering

Rads are gradually getting linked up and the thermostatic valves put in.

We decided not to go for afternoon tea but bought a couple of cream cakes and a bottle of wine, at least £3 cheaper than going for tea.

The weather has brightened up, it stopped raining and the sun is out, blue sky with the occasional cloud drifting by. I put the dust sheet we had over our bed on the line, there was not too much dust flying about.

The engineer is linking the gas up to the boiler., and putting the flue up through the roof. The kitchen and sitting room are finished, I have gone over the floor in the kitchen and carpet in the sitting room,thermostats are on the radiators. Engineer will be back in the morning with the electrician to fit the timers and commission the boiler, it will be good to get hot water at the turn of the tap.

It has stayed fine all afternoon, but there are some black clouds on the horizon, not sure if they are rain clouds or night clouds.

Have just lit the fire, we are lasting the evening out on the initial coal and then about 6 larger lumps about 7pm.

Changed the menu for tonight, we are having bacon fritatta with salad, OH bought apple turnovers with cream for dessert. We will have the cheese pie tomorrow. Have a loaf on, we finished up the bread at lunchtime, I want to do sandwiches for lunch tomorrow so needs must.

I went into the Sue Ryder charity shop and fell foul of a variegated ball of yarn, have cast on another jumper for the GGC. Apparently there is to be a baby shower in January. I plan to put a parcel of things together. I had to hold tight to my purse in Boyes, they had some really lovely stuff for little boys. I am not going to buy tiny baby sizes, will concentrate on 6 - 12 month sizes and more for winter. I have not made my mind up whether to make a quilt/play mat. I might look and see if I can find a pre printed nursery top.

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