Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Opened the curtains to fog and it has hung about all morning, I had a machine load of washing which is going to gave to be dried. Did think it would clear by lunchtime, no such luck......

Sorted out tonight's supper shepherds pie, cauli and carrots, I have to sort out a dessert, might do a rice pudding, such a dreich day, comfort food is needed.

OH started another jigsaw, I finished a book I was reading and then got some lunch.

I had an issue with my iron yesterday, it decided to empty all its water over the ironing board, why I do not have the slightest idea, I have had to throw the ironing board cover away........I need to iron the bed linen once I have recovered the board. Will fill the tank again. If it does it again I am going to have to contact the company who sold it to me.

I also need to finish sorting the sewing room and getting out the UFO's. I will put them in some sort of order so I can see if I need backing fabric or more wadding. Small quilts are not a problem, but some of the bigger ones may be.

The local schools are on holiday, but the village still seems quiet, I guess the weather is getting too cold for children to play out.


  1. It's very quiet here too for saying the kids are on holiday. We are all snugged up inside with the fire lit and the evening meal simmering on the stove.
    I love this time of year-x-

  2. I hope you sort out the iron, that must be very frustrating!

  3. I hope the sun came out long enough and warm enough to dry your laundry.

    Goodness! What is going on with your iron that it dumped the water all over the place? It sounds like some part cracked or malfunctioned for that to happen. Hope you get a replacement iron for free from the company that made it.

    How goes the sewing room sorting? Did you find any UFOs you had forgotten about? I've surprised myself a time or two by rediscovering some long neglected UFOs.

    Today I've ignored my sewing machine and have done some humble hand quilting around the 2nd (of 4) Bear Paw blocks. The gentle puckers formed by my stitches are adding a pleasing dimension to this little quilt.



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