Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Bright, wind seems to be getting up a bit.

DD1 is in Cuba on holiday, they will insist in going to the west indies etc in hurricane season!!

Chiropodist here this morning, so feet all nice again. She said that out little odd job man was in difficulties apparently he has taken on too much work. So I will have to look for someone else to do the shelves in the airing cupboard and the kitchen.

Very tired today for some reason. We are going out for tea once DB gets up from his siesta. I am beginning to think that I need one as well.

People coming tomorrow to collect the stuff that DB no longer needs, one of us will have to stay home from the coffee morning in case they come in the morning. Thursday we have to go to Bingham and they are coming to put the gas meter in Thursday afternoon and thenFriday DB has an appointment at the local hospital. I need to go to Morrison too, so two birds with one stone.

Calebrese and pasta bake for supper, its all ready just needs cooking.

Time to put my head down for 5 minutes.

Calebrese and pasta bake was a bit of an experiment as I had no cauliflower. bread crumbs on the top sprinkled with cheese and paprika, baked at 200c for 40 minutes. Delicious...... served it with baked tomato's experiment was a success!

Afternoon tea was very nice. Its the first time we have been to R & J's cottage. It has been done up on a shoestring. Kitchen was bought from E Bay complete with fridge and cooker. Cottage suite and bed from the furniture project in Melton. Table was given to them as was the cash to buy a washing machine.

It is the first time for 20 years that they have had a house to live in, they are roving preachers running clubs and prayer meetings for children all over the UK. Their home was a caravan towed behind their car. They now have a home base rather than travelling from one place to another.

We were given a bag of apples and DB gave R some help with how to cut back raspberries and whether to pull the beetroot. R also gave us the front window from a caravan to make a cold frame. We need to find a pallet from somewhere for the base.

We called in to the stone people to get a price for stone for the front garden, and also bark for the paths in the back garden between the deep beds.

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