Thursday, 27 October 2016


We were up early and on our way to the library. The booking in and out machines were not working, so it was back to the old fashioned booking in and out. Before we left I put the towels on the line, left the washer on the timer overnight, so it finished just as we went through for our breakfast.

On to Aldi and £69+ spent........uurrgghhh but I have bought quite a bit of meat which hopefully will keep us going into early
December. There were a couple of things we could not get so Lidl will be visited at some point.

DB took the house key to get a spare cut, it goes into the lock but does not turn it, so when we go back to the library we are going to have to take it back and get it re-cut.

Back at home shopping unpacked and put away and a quick lunch of cheese and beetroot sandwiches. DB has retired for his siesta, he wants to spend an hour in the garden when he gets up. I need to check if the towels have dried.

Beef stew for supper, spuds, carrots and calebrese, I bought bananas so I guess they will be our dessert, might make some custard to go with them.

I am trying to read up my books from the mobile library, so I lay reading last night after DB had put his light out, it was after midnight when I put the light out. I might need a nana nap later, 
that will teach me.

I have decided to record Escape to the Country, I am not getting any sewing done, so record it I must.

Was very disappointed in Bake Off last night, if you watch it you will know why!! Pouty trout lips was not my choice. Her face, when Paul gave Jane a double hand shake, was a picture. The smug leer when her picnic basket was taken forward, I am afraid, was sick making. I guess you will know she was not my favourite . Its a shame the programme is going to channel 5. Without Mary and the two presenters it will not be the same.


  1. I wish my health would allow me to get up and out early on my errands as I used to prefer that, leaving the rest of the day for other things.

    You two got a lot done but it is a bother that the new key won't work properly. At least the key maker is located near the library where you're sure to be again soon!

    I'm about to head out on errands, going to our library and the grocery. Then I hope to sew. Maybe.


  2. My mum used to pack me up cheese and beetroot sandwiches when I first went out to work. People where I now live think it is odd that I even eat beetroot!

    Just got thru watching the final from the British Bake Off on Youtube - I did feel sorry for Andrew when Paul gave both the ladies a handshake. I think it put him off his game a bit but then he came first in the Victoria Sandwich so couldn't Paul have given him a handshake for a confidence boost. I see that Candace and Jane are going off together on some sort of baking trip so perhaps she is nicer in person.

    Agree with the remarks by Barbara Anne and sorry to hear that you have some health problems. You are always so positive and encouraging in your comments.


  3. I was just thinking the same thing that Sandy mentioned. I love reading about the productive rhythm of your days here on your blog. And equally as delightful are Barbara Anne's lovely comments which are always so kind and affirming. Thanks for such a lovely read every day.

  4. Ditto the above comments,a nice soothing blog,and the gracious Barbara Anne to follow:)


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