Thursday, 20 October 2016


DB was up before me, so I got my breakfast in bed. Once I got my butt out I started on the remaining cleaning.

Wet room and toilet done, then did a bit more in the sewing room.

The sewing room as it was. 1



As it is now the two freezers have been moved to where the storage heater was.

Dryer and sewing machines moved further across.

Not much change on this side of the room.

Sorted our bedroom as well, managed to clean behind the bed and under DB.s cupboards. He has a computer bag down the side of his chest, the zip was undone, when I opened it there was a humongous spider complete with web, I think they could have heard my scream miles away.......I did manage to eject the spider into the garden. I hate spiders.

DB has been in the front garden this morning, weeded the front border and chopped back the lavender, we have two new plants to put in, we are going to cover them with netting to try and stop the blasted cats from defecating and scratching them out.

Getting used to the central heating is going to take a bit of doing. it was warm when we went to bed, and DB said it was lovely and warm in the bathroom when he went for his shower. By the time I got in it had cooled down a bit, but was not cold by any manner of means.

We have changed our visit to my quilting friend to Saturday, I forgot, and so did she, that its Malvern quilting show this weekend, so she is off there tomorrow. No problem, it will allow me to do the last room, the sitting room, need to push the settee back into its normal position and alter DB's chair.

Sun is out, looks like its going to be a pleasant afternoon, not that I have any plans, DB has just gone for his siesta.

Well bake off was interesting last night, the three I thought might go through did. It was a pity Selasi was eliminated but thats how the cookie crumbles........I have an inkling who might win, we will see next week, the PE teacher was pouting away good style, her face when they announced baker of the week was a picture, I am sure she thought it was going to be her!!  Well done Andrew for wiping the smirk off her face!! I do not know what it is about her, but she just annoys me.

No real village news have not been to the post office this week, so not caught up on the gossip. The bonfire on the village hall field is gradually growing, it should be quite spectacular.

We have BBQ belly of pork tonight, marinaded in maple syrup.....jacket spuds and the remaining beans from last night. Not sure about dessert.


  1. Just what is needed for Winter: Central Heating. We have just had our boiler mended, we have been over a week without warmth or hot water, so spoiled. It was the part that the plumber said so he fitted it at lunch time. I am sure you will soon get used to your heating, finding when you need it is paramount. You have soon managed to get straight, good on you. Have a good day. Love Andie xxx

  2. I liked Selasi - he made out that he was laid back about the competition but he did so badly want to be in the final - shame he's gone - I don't like Candice neither - think it's the lipstick and how it's put on plus she's a goody two shoes, fluttering her eyelashes at Paul Hollywood! No would prefer to see Andrew or Jane to win it xx

  3. Glad all your central heating is sorted out and you are getting back your sewing room. Some of my patchwork group are off to Malvern tomorrow. The said they don't plan to spend anything, just have a good day out. Don't make me laugh - they will never be able to avoid the temptations put before them!! Ann x

  4. "I did manage to eject the spider into the garden" would never have happened here. It would have been dead!

    I am a bit behind on bake off as the episodes on youtube are always a bit behind. My pick is Andrew but it often comes across to me that Paul Hollywood is more critical than he needs to be. He seems to favour certain contestants IMO.

  5. How lovely to have a restful lie-in and breakfast in bed! Just the right start to your busy day getting your household back to rights. Your new sewing room arrangement looks like it will serve you well and is ready for you to dive back into your wonderful projects!

    Ohhhhhhhhh! I hate spiders, too, but am willing to step on them if necessary - and if I have shoes on. Ick and shudder!

    I've just laid out one of the small star quilts and am changing the thread color in my sewing machine for these lighter colored projects. The black thread is put away.

    Today is the last of the warmer days with a high of 84*F expected. The coming 10 days will be cooler unless things change.


  6. I do agree,there certainly something annoying about Candice,I think it is her smugness,and she seems very savvy in the way she comes across in marketing herself! If it was up to the public I think she would be gone,alas I think she will win! On the plus side, you're heating went in quickly without much peramble,you will wonder how you did without it? Take care :)

  7. I had to laugh at the spider!! I went to the UK for a visit last month to stay with family ..... let's just say that their house was full of webs and leave it at that. One night, as I was crawling into their guest bed, I glanced across the room and saw the hugest spider I've seen in years. Suffice to say, I collected my stuff together and moved into a local hotel for the remainder of my stay. I draw the line at huge spiders. Could not stay.

    Congrats at the heating system being finished, sounds like life is going along smoothly for you two and I hope it stays that way.

    Best from California.


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