Thursday, 13 October 2016


Rain, Rain, go away......... its has been raining on and off all morning,.

We were up early, so the morning has seemed a bit long. DB did some of his jigsaw, then found the magic jigsaw on the I Pad so has been playing that.

I found carrot and butternut squash in the bottom of the fridge along with some stock from last weeks beef stew, lentils, chopped onion and leek, so bottom of the fridge soup for lunch. Sliced the bread from yesterday. Froze most of it we had a couple of rounds with the soup. I open freeze the slices for about 30 minutes and then reassemble the loaf, put it in a plastic bag and stick it back in the freezer, take out sliced as we need them. They take about 15 minutes to thaw out.

I sat and sewed the binding on a mat I made a few weeks ago, using up a block I had cut out for the quilting group, before I kicked them into touch. I have to admit I have not missed it as much as I thought I would. I have a purple shabby chic cushion cover to finish but that will not get done until I have the machine up again, it needs quilting and making up.

Putting my feet up whilst DB has his siesta, will light the fire when he gets up. I have a new book to read, so will corrie down on the settee with a fleece, might even have a Nana nap, need to get my strength up for next week. I guess the house is going to need an early spring clean (not that I spring clean anyway) when the workmen have finished. I will need a holiday I have got the house straight again.

We were given some pears by  our neighbour, they were very hard when we got them, but after just over a week they are now ripe. I had one after my soup, delicious. I have three more. I think I might make a creme caramel tomorrow for supper and gently poach a couple of them to serve with the mouth is watering already!!

The rain seems to have stopped again for now. I lnow DB has a couple of jobs he wants to do in the garden, he might get them done if the rain holds off for a bit.

The coal man came this morning and dropped me 2 bags, I am hoping that it will last a couple of months.......I will also get a small bag of logs. I like a log fire at Christmas. We can get a small bag from our log supplier.

The rain is keeping people in, there is usually someone going about in the road, not today. Our neighbour has returned from hospital. I spoke to B on the phone, she says he is having nightmares. I wonder if its a side effect of his medication? She has asked the Dr. to call and see him, said she would ask. They are both very tired with the broken nights. I told her to get on the settee when P was sleeping and try and sleep herself. I have given her a quilt I made some time ago, it has warm and natural wadding in, so should keep her cosy whilst she has a nap.

Time to put my head sown myself, might be back later.......

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