Thursday, 6 October 2016


Up and out early, we went to Bingham to the library and also Aldi. There had been an accident on the A 52 just at the junction where we crossed over the turn down to Bingham. Long queue on the A 52 itself, but once the traffic started moving again we were able to get across ok. The Police were still there when we passed on our way back.

Once back I nipped across to B with the shopping I had done for her, but she was not in, I wondered if all was well with P but as D's car was gone I thought she may have gone into Melton which turned out to be the case.

Its now mid afternoon, the meter men have not turned up as yet, the time scale was 12 noon to 6pm. DB seems to think they will not turn up at all. I will not be happy if they do not come, we will see.

It is quite sunny out but its cold, I lit the sitting room fire a bit earlier than usual.

Supper quiche and salad with a jacket spud. Time for 'winter warmers' me thinks.

Heard from DD1 last night, they are fine, quite a bit of wind and plenty of rain but apart from that everything is fine. The hurricane is forecast to reach the east coast of Florida and then travel up the east side of the US. I have friends on the easy coast and also near Tampa in Florida and then in Pennsylvania, fingers crossed that it is not bad. What happens to it after that is any ones guess. I hope it runs out of steam before it hits us!!

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