Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Sun Breaks Through

Last night I did something I knew my DD1 would tell me off for. I wanted to get the laundry out early so having the facility on the machine I set it to start at 6am. DD1 has told me off several times for doing this, a fireman friend of theirs had told her that he knew of several fires which had been started by washing machines left on the delay timer.

When I got up the washing was finished and ready to go out Brill, trouble was it was very misty and murky. Never the less out it went. All morning it hung on the line, bleakly swaying back and forth in the slight breeze.

DH had an appointment for his flu jab, so went off to the village hall in the next village. I cooked the mince for mince and dough balls for tonights supper, still the washing hung limp on the line.

DB home so lunch, tomato sarnies for him cheese for me. I finished off the pears.

Sat and watched the news headlines and DB went for his siesta, washing still hanging limply on the line, then................the sun came out!! a slight breeze, hooray the washing might it won't the sky clouded over and it looked like rain, oh 'ecky thump I needed to get the washing in before it got wetter than it was before I hung it out. It went on the airer which I will put in the sitting room  for it to finish drying when we go to bed.

Fire cleaned out and laid to be lit later. I need DB to help me drape a sheet over the shelves with my boxes of fabric on. I need to try and contain the dust as much as I can. No idea when DD1 is coming tomorrow but have sent her a message, I need a quick trip to Lidl in the morning, so hopefully if SIL is playing golf they will come after lunch.

I phoned my quilting friend and arranged to go over and see her next week once I have cleaned some of the mess up. I was given a pile of Peoples Friend, I think she will enjoy reading them, so I am ploughing my way through them just now, eek out the library books a bit.

Many years ago I used to buy Womens Weekly, my Mother bought My Weekly and we used to swap, then pass the magazines on, mine to the Drs surgery hers went to another friend and they too ended up in the Drs waiting room. Now my daughter gets Country Living which she passes to me, I pass it on to my quilting friend. She gives me Period Living which someone hands on to her, this in turn goes to my daughter, we have been doing it for ages and it works well.

It is certainly chilly today, I have a fleece and two pairs of socks on, my feet are still cold.. I am not going to light the fire till 4pm, so will wrap myself in a fleece blanket. At this time of year I make sure that the settee and chairs have either a quilt or a fleece or both on, so its easy to wrap up. We also carry a bag in the car with two cushions and two fleece blankets in, just in case. You never know.

This coming week one thing we have to go is do the menu list for November and audit both the cupboards and freezers. I want to make sure we have enough in, so, if we have bad weather we have enough to see us through. So the November shop will be a bit more expensive. I want to get a turkey crown as well.

I watched Strictly on catch up yesterday, think I might start watching again we need supper a bit earlier. Sad that Victoria has finished, I enjoyed it, Sunday nights will be a bit tame. I enjoyed the first bits of Poldark, watched  a couple of episodes of the new series, but found it a bit samey, so we may be reduced to watching programmes we have on the Humax box, there is bound to be something on there.

Sad to see that Jean Alexander (Hilda Ogden from Corrie and Auntie Wainwright in Last of the Summer Wine) had passed away. Hilda was so stereotypical of char ladies as they were known in the 60's and 70's. You could never get out of Auntie Wainwrights without buying something, not always what you went in for either, mind you most people avoided the shop like the plague. She reminded me of a black widow spider. You do not get programmes like that these days. 

Many times we video programmes that we watched years ago, they still make us laugh, such simple down to earth humour. OK some of them are full of innuendo, Are You Being Served for instance, they do not make programmes like that anymore. 'ello 'ello was another one, and Dads Army........

Time to go and put the kettle on, DB will be coming through from his siesta shortly.

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