Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sunny Sunday but its brrrrrrr

Sunday Breakfast in Bed as usual, I put a load in the washer and its now on the line. I hope it dries. It is sunny but cold, will light the fire later.

Did the veg for supper, pork is defrosting, we will finish off the fruit in jelly for dessert.

I have also cleared the airing cupboard in the bathroom, the things are in the cupboard in the sewing room for now, they will go back into the airing cupboard once the shelves are back in.

I have discovered more white bed linen, I think some of it is for the double bed we had in the guest room at the cottage, the rest for the single bed we had until recently. Its all fairly new.

We think we have found out how to re- arrange the sewing room after the stuff is moved out for the heating people. There is just about enough room to do what I want to.......we will see when the engineers have finished.

I am still processing cooking apples, so far I have 4 decent sized bags in the freezer, two more will go in today, if I can get up enough energy to peel the apples. Could do with doing a couple of smaller bags for apple sauce. I did think about freezing it in ice cube trays and then putting it in a bag, we would only use a couple of cubes a time on pork.

DB has been in the garden, the deep beds have been marked, I was going to get turf put down, but we have a large box of lawn seed in the shed, think we might seed it in the spring and see how it goes. DB wants to do the back garden first, so I am going to have to keep on top of the front garden for another year, as well as the herbaceous border in the back. It is filling out quite well, but there are some plants I need to move.

I also need to get sewing again once the heating has been put in. I have a lot of UFO's which I must finished even if I give them away. Our friends who are the roving preachers were on the receiving end of some of the stuff this week. I scissor holder set, the wall hanging/ table runner I made 2 years ago and one of the zipper bags I could not stop making earlier this year. The one I have left are going to be Christmas presents, filled with smellies or sweeties. I also want to make some lap quilts for the local hospice and the childreues hospice we support.

Our neighbour across the road, has a clot in his lung, he has been allowed home. I wonder how long its going to be before he is attempting to drive again. I need to go across and see how he is. B might need more shopping. Should have kept my mouth shut, the ambulance is there again.........oxygen cylinders taken in.

Tuesday we have two appointments at the same hospital but 5 hours apart. I have a pacemaker check at 11.20 and DB has to get the results of the conflab they had about his biopsy at 3.20, no way are we coming home to have to go out again, so will take our lunch with us and find somewhere to while away a few hours. As long as it does not involve spending money it will be ok.

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