Sunday, 30 October 2016


We had decided to have a trip out, we went to the Organic garden at Ryton. We have been several times before, but they were offering free admission to the garden today, so off we toddled.

Bad start to the journey a car on its roof on the northbound M1, traffic hold up was almost 10 miles long!! We were going southbound thank goodness and it had all be cleaned up by the time we came back, just some heavy skid marks on the road.

Sat in the car park and ate a ham and mustard roll and had a cuppa, then set off to walk round the gardens. There were still some flowers in bloom, but the trees were glorious. I have tried to download some of the pictures but blogger for some reason will not let me.

We had a comprehensive walk round, there is a lovely garden there dedicated to my friend Geoff Hamilton, who was the presenter on Gardeners World on the BBC for a number of years.

The gardens are run on organic lines, no chemicals are used and the waste water from the cafe and the toilets is recycled to flush the toilets. There is a big reed bed which filters the water.

We were going to have a cup of coffee in the cafe, but they were serving lunch, DB had a slight altercation with one of the waitresses, she wanted to seat us in the childrens section. No thank you so we went back to the car and I squeezed two cups of tea from the flask. We sat and read for a while before deciding to drive home.

Dusk is quite early now and as we drove down into the vale we could see the mist starting to roll in, just after 4 pm and we have the sitting room lights on.

Roast chicken is cooking, will have some roast spuds and some stuffing as well as cauliflower and calebrese with it. DB has elected to finish the last banana for dessert, so some toffee sauce to go with that.

It was a cool day, we were glad we had taken our coats with us, I hope its a slightly better day tomorrow, I have a load of laundry to do.

Some of the trees at Ryton, will publish more photographs tomorrow. If you click on the picture it should come up bigger.

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