Sunday, 2 October 2016


Usual breakfast in bed this morning, up, showered and dressed.

Its a sunny but brrrrr morning, the towels are on the line to dry, nothing worse than trying to dry yourself on a towel thats still damp.

Harvest supper was delicious, cold cuts jacket spuds and various salads, the desserts were delicious. DB managed to choke on his salad, no idea why, but it took a few bangings on the back to sort him out. He has been investigated for it, no reason, the last theory was his throat muscles go into comment.......

We are having a quiet day, quite a bit going on in the week including getting the gas meter in ready for the heating engineers. We have also been invited out for afternoon tea with some friends on Tuesday. I need to go through the quilting box, see what I can find for them. Last year I gave them Christmas stockings and a couple of table mats. No sewing going on just now trying to sort stuff out and finish up things from then I was demoing to the quilting group. I also have all the patterned blocks for another bed quilt, need to cut out the setting blocks and triangles. I will not be quilting it. I have found someone fairly local who has a long arm quilting machine, will get her to quilt it.

Chicken for supper tonight, DB asked for bananas so may be baked banana, I can do them in the oven once the chicken is cooked.

Right time to go, DB wants to do some of his puzzle and I have my computer on the table...............


  1. I'm happy to hear that the Harvest dinner was so enjoyable despite that brief episode of choking DB had. I know it was an added treat not to have to cook!

    Good luck finding just the right gift for your friends waiting quietly in your sewing room. :)

    What is the name of the block pattern for those finished blocks you've made? How lovely that you've found a local person to quilt this quilt top once it is together!

    Yesterday I chose fabrics for the borders of those two leftover star blocks but haven't cut anything yet.


  2. My husband has choking spasms due to Parkinsons and we have been told not to bang him on the back but give a good cold drink of water. If in any doubt ring the ambulance they told us they don't mind coming out they would rather come and help than come to a deceased person . Banging can cause it to come up and go down into the lungs.


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