Saturday, 1 October 2016


Bright start but it did not last. We had been forecast rain, we seemed to have had it during the night, lots of water around.

By lunchtime it had turned very grey and cold!! DB went for his siesta as usual, I could have done with lighting the fire, but we are out for supper so no point really.

I cut the back lawn yesterday, so thats done for now, will have to tackle the front sometime this week and finish weeding the border. awe still have some plants flowering but many of them are dying back now. I have a couple of plants to put in the back.

Plans are being drawn up to alter the vegetable garden to make it easier to manage. We will need to get some more grass laid up the middle of the big bed, then we will make two 4' wide beds either side of the path, and they will be divided into sections. The fruit beds will stay as they are for now, I need to plant up the strawberry runners.

Tomorrow would have been Nicholas's 46th birthday........not an easy day. it is almost 12 months since he was last here doing a few jobs for us, we never saw him alive again. I still keep expecting to see his face come round the door, asking me if the kettle is on.

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