Saturday, 22 October 2016

Saturday, visiting day

It was a bit grey when we got up this morning, by mid morning the sun was out. 

We had a light lunch of poached egg on toast before going out.

A decent journey, very little traffic, we were soon at my friends, she was pleased to see us.

Cake had been made, and cream was in evidence, it would have been bad manners not to have partaken of the goodies offered. My friends grandson arrived, so we all say round the kitchen table and put the world to rights, more tea was drunk, magazines exchanged and a Christmas cactus found its way home with us and I managed to bring it home without loosing any buds.

I had prepped the supper so sausage and mash with onion gravy, carrots and calebrese. No dessert, we might have something later.

The heat was on when we got home, so it was nice and cosy, supper was soon on the table, as soon as the dishes were washed it was feet up to watch TV. Not sure whats going to happen on Strictly, they all seem to be falling foul of a virus. we have a couple of recorded programmes lined up for later.

There is an ambulance in the street again, at a different house this time though, they must know their way here blindfold.

No sewing today, I might manage some tomorrow.

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