Monday, 10 October 2016


Brrrr again this morning. Temperature down in single figures 7c.

Bed stripped and remade, sheets etc in the washer and now on the line. We have blue sky, but the sun is quite weak and there is very little wind. Might have to finish the laundry either in the dryer or on the airer depending on how wet it is when I fetch it in.

Monday clean done, will not get done next week, no point cleaning up when the heating people are drilling holes etc. I have got some old sheets out to cover the bed and also the fabric and stuff thats in the sewing room. Both the machines have covers so they will be ok. I will take a couple of photos so you can see the room as it is now and how it looks when the heating radiator is in.

DB out in the garden, repairing the wire for the raspberries. Most of the sweet corn are out. Two cabbages left and the beans are still flowering, we had a hand full with our supper last night.

I have beef stew in the pressure cooker, we will have it tomorrow night when we get back from the hospital visits. I have also cooked off the bacon bits for tonight's bacon fritatta. Will do a large jacket spud with it and tomato salad.

The only noise is a mower, I suspect its our neighbour at the back, the children are in school and the workers away to the various cities and towns that surround us. This village is so peaceful.

Many of the fields are being ploughed for next years crops, not so many tractors on the roads, all the hay and silage has been baled and either left stacked in the fields or brought in to the barns. The Community Orchard has been stripped and the apple and pear trees are getting trimmed back.

 DB has cut out the old fruiting canes on the summer rasperries, The autumn ones will be cut back later when we have finished picking. There are only a couple of Autumn rasps but we have had quite a bit of fruit from them. The strawberry runners that were potted up are needing put in, we only rooted 12, do not want to get overrun with strawberries next year. When we had the allotment 6 years ago we had three huge strawberry beds. I ended up selling quite a lot of the fruit that I did not turn into jam.

I had to have a quick trip outside, there was a very grey cloud coming towards us, sure enough there were quite big spots of rain......I managed to get  all the sheets etc in before it got too wet, the pillow cases and sheet have been ironed, but the quilt cover was still quite damp, so its on the airer.

We have decided to go to Coalville tomorrow there is a shop there that does long arm quilting. We should have time to get there and back before DB's appointment at 3.40. I will pack up a small picnic to take and a flask of water for tea or coffee.

I see I have a new follower, welcome, I hope you enjoy reading my daily mutterings. My blog is a reminder to me of the things that happen from day to day. Its amazing how useful that can be.

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