Monday, 3 October 2016


Late posting today. We went to the surgery this morning, no room to sit down so we came away. I left a message asking the Dr to phone me with the result of my pelvic X Ray.

Monday clean done. 2 loads of laundry washed and dried outside.It has been sunny but very cold, so I have lit the fire tonight.

Dr phoned, my X Ray showed some wear on both sides, but better than a lot of people younger than me. I am now waiting for an appointment to get my hands tested for carpel tunnel syndrome.

Slices of yesterdays chicken for supper tonight with jacket spuds, cucumber and tomato salad, beetroot and coleslaw. Finished the bananas I bought with some ice cream.

The mobile library came this afternoon, so we have enough books to see us through to the next visit.

OH has to get his flu jab, I cannot have it, I am allergic to the medium the jab contains. I just have to stay well away from anyone with flu, so I do not get it.

We spent a quiet day yesterday, several slushy messages on facebook, we prefer to remember Nick here at home on our own. His death was a dreadful shock to us all, I have never worn my heart on my sleeve and do not intend to share my grief on social media.

Oldest DD is on holiday in Cuba, they are about to be hit by a hurricane. She does not have much luck with her holidays. They have had several hurricanes and also an earth quake on various holidays they have been on.

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  1. Well, what a bother about nowhere to sit at the doctor's office! It's wonderful that your hip x-rays were so good so that's one less worry. Hope your wrists feel better without surgery. I have wrist splints I sometimes wear and that helps a lot.

    You've had a wonderfully productive day with laundry, cleaning, and swapping books at the mobile library, too. Nice! Hope you're sitting with your feet up this eve.

    I've also done two laundry loads and need to check that the first is dry. I was busy so started that load later than planned.

    It's sunny and cool here and that's a delight!



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