Saturday, 29 October 2016

Loosing the Way?

I was just reading on Facebook the 100 top frugal blogs. It was interesting to see that 'Skint Dad' was in 9th place. The 'other person', many of you will know who I am talking about, is at 33rd place. It seems that people are not supporting her as they did, maybe the condescending , preaching way the blog comes over is getting too much for people.

We have been frugal for many years, because we had to be, of late things have become a little easier, but money is not wasted in this house.

A lot of the blogs were from the US. I must admit I did not read through all of them.

I have issues with the 'OP' yes they did well to clear their debt, but I do not consider owning two houses, expensive car and travelling between two countries particularly frugal. No it is not a case of jealousy either. I have often said that we would love to have been able to move to France, but for us it was just not possible. We were hoping to visit France for one last trip next year, but health issues have knocked that on the head. We will be going to Essex instead and the trip will not go on the CC. Yes they do have the choice of what to spend their money on, I just do not think its very frugal, thats my opinion.

Its a very grey day here, not too cold though. I have not lit the fire since the heating went in, its ready to be lit. I need to get the chimney swept.

The gas people are working on a Saturday, they have been given 2 days to go the job, well they did ours in 2 days, seems a bit mad asking them to start a job on a Friday.

We are having an easy day today. Yesterdays efforts with the steamer have made me tired. The cleaning generally is beginning to get too much and I feel I am not able to do what I used to in the garden either. We are having to rethink things a bit.

DB is doing a new jigsaw, I may do some sewing after lunch, really I am still sorting through finding UFO's. I do have a zipper bag I want to do for my niece, have cut out the fabric, just need to sort out a zip and put it together.

Supper tonight bacon fritatta and salad, banana something for dessert.


We nipped into Melton this afternoon to Lidl, they had no eggs so we had to go to Morrison instead.

As we left home we ran into the hunt, second horses must have been at Hose, the place was stuffed with horseboxes. I think there was disappointment that they could not park the boxes on the village hall car park, there is a caravan rally on there this weekend. As we came home there were cars parked on Pasture Lane and binoculars trained on the fields between us and Harby, the horse boxes had gone, except one, parked right on the corner. Guess the meet was at Long Clawson, they do not meet in Hose until February.

We are having a day out tomorrow, a picnic to pack up in the morning, flasks to fill and a couple of cuppa soups to keep the cold out.

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