Saturday, 29 October 2016

Loosing the Way?

I was just reading on Facebook the 100 top frugal blogs. It was interesting to see that 'Skint Dad' was in 9th place. The 'other person', many of you will know who I am talking about, is at 33rd place. It seems that people are not supporting her as they did, maybe the condescending , preaching way the blog comes over is getting too much for people.

We have been frugal for many years, because we had to be, of late things have become a little easier, but money is not wasted in this house.

A lot of the blogs were from the US. I must admit I did not read through all of them.

I have issues with the 'OP' yes they did well to clear their debt, but I do not consider owning two houses, expensive car and travelling between two countries particularly frugal. No it is not a case of jealousy either. I have often said that we would love to have been able to move to France, but for us it was just not possible. We were hoping to visit France for one last trip next year, but health issues have knocked that on the head. We will be going to Essex instead and the trip will not go on the CC. Yes they do have the choice of what to spend their money on, I just do not think its very frugal, thats my opinion.

Its a very grey day here, not too cold though. I have not lit the fire since the heating went in, its ready to be lit. I need to get the chimney swept.

The gas people are working on a Saturday, they have been given 2 days to go the job, well they did ours in 2 days, seems a bit mad asking them to start a job on a Friday.

We are having an easy day today. Yesterdays efforts with the steamer have made me tired. The cleaning generally is beginning to get too much and I feel I am not able to do what I used to in the garden either. We are having to rethink things a bit.

DB is doing a new jigsaw, I may do some sewing after lunch, really I am still sorting through finding UFO's. I do have a zipper bag I want to do for my niece, have cut out the fabric, just need to sort out a zip and put it together.

Supper tonight bacon fritatta and salad, banana something for dessert.


We nipped into Melton this afternoon to Lidl, they had no eggs so we had to go to Morrison instead.

As we left home we ran into the hunt, second horses must have been at Hose, the place was stuffed with horseboxes. I think there was disappointment that they could not park the boxes on the village hall car park, there is a caravan rally on there this weekend. As we came home there were cars parked on Pasture Lane and binoculars trained on the fields between us and Harby, the horse boxes had gone, except one, parked right on the corner. Guess the meet was at Long Clawson, they do not meet in Hose until February.

We are having a day out tomorrow, a picnic to pack up in the morning, flasks to fill and a couple of cuppa soups to keep the cold out.


  1. I stopped following that particular blog after a rant from her about diabetes which apparently is self inflicted. Tell that to my poor husband who has familial diabetes which we do our best to control.
    I'm standing ironing 24 cotton bags for U3A Craft group this week and then will cut up fabrictoo. I must get other people to take a shot as sometimes I really get stressed by the whole thing.
    Take care and don't overdo it. Catriona

  2. I don't read either of the blogs you mention as I consider them both to be 'professional bloggers' I rather read about someone's real life experiences.

  3. I agree about the frugal blog you wrote about. I have been reading it for a long time and have noticed the goal posts keep moving and frugal lines are blurring somewhat. Clearing debt and saving for what you want are admirable traits but pontificating about how everyone else should be doing things is entirely different. Smug and condescending is how I view that person.

  4. I'm with you and the other comments made here with regard to the OP blog - I used to enjoy reading that blog but when the property abroad was purchased I clicked the unfollow button - I understand that the foreign property was purchased with an inheritance, well if I'd inherited that much money then it would have been shared between us and our children, Family is what's important not a second home plus we have been told so many times how hard her son has to work, surely it could have been put to better use helping the poor lad. But then she wouldn't have been able to brag about the second home the way she does - Also don't the Cornish moan about people buying second homes in Cornwall - it's obviously ok for the Cornish to but second homes abroad!- (slightly hypocritical) a good post Anne xx

    1. I did ask about the holiday home aspect, if you remember back a few years she was pretty scathing on people owing home in her area and not living in them.

      It's different when she's doing it! Young people in France want new properties! She knows!

      Never mind her son. What about her daughter.

      Sounds like they are gone from her life. She's busy planning Christmas with her new friends in France

  5. Am spending the whole day clearing and cleaning the fabric/sewing hoard. Maybe I will be able to find things again. Thanks Anne for your great blog. Ana

  6. You and DB have had such an interesting day! What fun to run into the hunt - but perhaps the traffic and parked vehicles/trailers were a bother. Don't you wonder how a grocery store can run out of eggs?

    I agree that some bloggers have SO lost their way when they become high and mighty, writing as if they have all the answers. Happily, there are many bloggers that avoid that pitfall by simply sharing what has worked for them.

    To my delight, this morning I finished hand quilting Making Tracks!!!!! In truth, the only reason I did the humble hand quilting around the Bear Paw "claws" is because had I machine quilted, the thread would have shown up too much when crossing those points. Next up: those small star quilt borders

    Have fun on your day out tomorrow! Hope the traffic stays out of your way and the weather is perfect.


  7. I love how no one will mention the Other Person by name -
    are we all so scared of her nasty, condenscending tongue?!
    Suffice to say I stopped reading her blog several years
    ago (likewise a few others in the same vein).

  8. Oh my goodness, why is everyone freaking out over this lady in Huelgoat LOL All are entitled to their own opinion, but honestly .... if you don't like the lady just 'unfollow' her. It's not nice to gang up and join in with the pack mentality. We each have to find our way and none of us walks in the other's shoes ... we will never come this way again so let's play nice.

    1. Yes Anon (notice you're not big enough to give us your name?) We are each most definitely entitled to our opinions and the ability to voice our opinions courtesy of Anne and her always interesting blog - the fact that a few of us have voiced our opinions here doesn't mean that any one of us have a 'pack' mentality - it just means that we all have similar opinions of this OP blog and have voiced them - so please have the courtesy to respect our opinions and don't preach to me or the other commenters.

  9. I find these comments to be interesting and nasty at the same time. I have read this other person's blog (Fugal Queen..I'm not afraid to name her). As I understand it she has worked hard at being frugal for years and has been able to pay off debts and pay down her mortgage. The home in France was bought with an inheritance with the end being their retirement home and renting the home in Wales for income. I admire what they have been able to do and see no reason for the nastiness. Course, I'm just and American so my views may be different. I enjoy reading this blog and many others in the UK...thank you for giving me an insight into your way of life.


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