Monday, 17 October 2016

Heating 1st day

Up at 7.30 to make sure we were showered and dressed before the engineer came. One installer...... he started by going round with me to see where the rads were to go, then set about taking out the old storage heaters. I could not get over the gunge that was down the back of the kitchen, sitting room and hall heaters. I used the dyson to take all the dust and crud etc off and then washed down the wall and the skirting. I am not too happy about the carpet in the hall, it is not down properly. The carpet fitters are coming to fit bits of carpet where the feet of the heaters were, I will ask them to look at it.

Our friend came and collected the heater he wanted. Coffee for the worker tea for us.

Mid morning the van arrived with the rad and boiler plus insulation stuff for the pipes in the loft.

The radiator is on in the back bedroom, the pipes just going in. water tanks drained and will be removed shortly.

Thank goodness its a fine autumn day, sunny but a nip in the air, the towels from the shower are on the has been relaid for later in the afternoon.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of DB and myself getting together, we ran off to Scotland........we may go out to the charity shop for afternoon tea. depends on how far the chap has got with the heating and when the electrician is coming.

Time is marching on, need to sort out some lunch.

Radiators are mostly in and some of the piping in, the support for the hot water tank is being dismantled. The boiler  will go in tomorrow and be linked up to the pipes.........I am hoping to get the small freezer in where it is going later, we have to wait for the electrician to come and cap the switches from the old heaters and do his bit of the installation before the system is commissioned.

Eggs and wedges with beans for supper tonight, Possibly banana for dessert.

It has been a lovely day, although quite chilly out of the sun. The fire is lit in the sitting room and the little convection heater will warm our bedroom for the last time tonight.

I must admit I am suffering a bit from the early start, we have to get up again tomorrow but after that we go back to our normal getting up time.

I must say the chap is a tidy worker, cleans up as he goes along. All the radiators have been put far enough up for me to be able to get the dyson right under, brill.

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